Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Overview

Comfirmed Gears of War 3 Multiplayer information. Including game modes and maps.

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electricshadow3792d ago

"Beast: You play as Locust and kill off waves of COG. Much like the mode Horde mode which has been in past Gears of War games."

That's freaking sweet. I just beat the first one yesterday and I loved it. I'll totally be getting this one as well.

HarryMonogenis3792d ago

Erm, I really do think you should get Gears of War 2 before you dive into Gears 3. :)

electricshadow3792d ago

Haha, I'm going to get a copy of the 2nd one pretty soon actually. It wouldn't make sense for me to miss the 2nd one. :P

G-Ham3792d ago

"Much like the mode Horde mode which has been in past Gears of War games."

Horde was only in Gears of war 2

ddelella3792d ago

They still don't understand how dumb some of these game types are. 20 lives per team for a death match. That means the one team noob will make this a one sided match. Also, who like sitting around watch a stand off in the single life modes. These are reasons I never play the MP. They need the standard timed modes or increase the kill count to 50 like every normal team deathmatch game.

Active Reload3792d ago

Get the f*ck outta here and go play COD. This is Gears!!! If you don't like the way they handle DM then go play King of the hill or something else...

BlazeCP33790d ago

couldnt have said it any better myself... ddelella you are a lost man

bluegreenman3789d ago

cry some more about a game that actually takes skill and thinking. Gears is by far the most hardcore multiplayer game out there, and anyone who disagrees obviously never got past experience level 50. Thats when most people start to realise how intense the game is. its not aim shoot die repeat, its wallbounce, take cover, flank, out preform, out shoot, out think your opponent. Each battle is the equivalent of a whole match in COD when it comes to skill and brain power.