Crysis 2's Nanosuit Hogs the Spotlight in Multiplayer

Crysis 2's shiny Nanosuit promises multiplayer gamers dynamic changes to the ebb and flow of combat...but does it eclipse the allure of the game's weapons in the process?

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Pixel_Enemy2822d ago

Holy ****! I played the demo on the 360 and it looks like turd. This looks so much better it is unbelievable! It may be the best looking 360 game but not when compared to what's on PC and PS3.

WhiteNoise2822d ago


Ummm. That IS the 360 beta footage.

I think it's funny when people say the game looks like crap on 360, then see 360 footage and say "this must be PC footage"

Either you haven't played the demo, or your eyes are f-ed...

SuicideShaun2822d ago

You people need to stop saying that it will look much better on ps3. It will look great on PC. But it won't be that much better on ps3.

Tinasumsum2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

What makes you think the PS3 version will even match the 360 version? The developers won't even show the PS3 version. We seen some PC footage but mostly 360 footage.

S_C2822d ago

Youve Taken The Crown Of Biggest Fail On N4g. You Owned Yourself Mate

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Marked2822d ago

the responce lag in that video is odd. How long it takes for the oppent to react to being meleed or shot.

PS360PCROCKS2822d ago

that's 360 footage? holy hell!

Kon2823d ago

Just by looking at your comment history, i see 90% of your comments are saying bad things about Crysis 2. Why the hate?

SSKILLZ2822d ago

Looks like uncharted 2

SJPFTW2822d ago

not really. but they are both very colorful and vibrant games if thats what your trying to say

Kon2822d ago

NEVER say that a multiplat game can be like a PS3 exclusive. It is against N4G guidelines.

SSKILLZ2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Say what you want to say, as a ps3 owner I stand for the truth, I'm no ignorant . This game could even end up looking better than KZ3 and KZ3 look awesome, it just gets better and no one loses except your wallet

plb2822d ago

Yeah right. Uc2 > Crysis 2 console. PC different story.

WhiteNoise2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I don't know why console gamers have a problem admitting that multiplats can look as good as exclusives.

There are multiplats on every platform that look better than exclusives. I didn't say ALL exclusives.

But game design has to be taken into consideration.

Crysis 2 is MUCH MUCH more open in design that the linear design of UC2 and KZ3. I mean on the train sequence in UC2 the trees are 2d sprites FFS.

How much corner cutting can you take?. GT5...2d environments.... absolutely barren plain green textures for hills, no grass, barely any signage...

Just because some games don't have as high poly count of the main characters like in UC2 on consoles doesn't mean that they don't wipe the floor with exclusives in other areas.

Rage runs at 60 frames, that is TWICE any other decent looking game on consoles.

If it looks better than half as good as exclusives, then it has surpassed them because 60 frames obviously requires twice the processing power.

Rage and Crysis 2 are marvels on console, just deal with it.

talltony2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Except crysis 2 really doesnt look that good at all. I dont understand what people are talking about. I have played this beta for hours and it clearly is not even the best looking multiplat.

"Crysis 2 is MUCH MUCH more open in design that the linear design of UC2 and KZ3."

Oh really? Crysis 2 isnt linear? Crysis isnt linear Crysis 2 is.

talltony2822d ago

You think I care about stupid disagrees? Disagrees and no response proves nothing.

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