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Going against a wave of negative sentiment, Two Worlds II has a lot to live up to – and it does. Two Worlds II is a solid game. It has its share of flaws, but there is enough quality to draw you in and make you say that classic phrase, “just a few more minutes.”

One thing is for sure, Two Worlds II shows that the franchise has some promise for lasting appeal. Considering the stain of the first game in the franchise, it seems safe to say that Two Worlds II is one of the best franchise turnarounds in recent memory.

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SuperSaiyan42825d ago

I am sorry but 7.9/10 is too high, I got this game early and it is heavily flawed best rating I would give it is around 5/10. Graphics are still terrible and herrendous screen freezing when you are on your horse.

im-12-years-old2825d ago

You bought the console version?

wwm0nkey2825d ago

Im loving the game. Playing online with my friends is a blast and the SP is pretty damn fun :D

im-12-years-old2825d ago

holy shiiii. they have online? you're kidding right? How is the multiplayer

wwm0nkey2825d ago

The basic MP is Death Match, CTF and Arena.

There is a Adventure mode where you can team up with 8 people and complete a few quest and there is also a Village mode which is pretty much Animal Crossing (yes you can invite your friends to your village)

phantomexe2825d ago

I'm loveing the game. I picked it up for the ps3 and haven't had trouble with it. No freezes of any kind. The game looks amazing. My wife was watching me play it, now she is playing as well.