Sixth Seasonal Events update for Gran Turismo 5

The Seasonal Events have just been updated in Gran Turismo 5 with new Bonus Races, Time Trials and cars in the Online Collector's Dealership. Take a look at the full listing after the jump.

The Online Collector's Dealership is mostly filled with cars from Chevrolet, but there are a few exceptions like the -until now- rare Bentley Speed 8 Race Car.

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SoulramonNL2825d ago

Great news that they support Gran Turismo 5 so good !

nix2825d ago

somebody gift this poor man a X2010. i have no skin left after all the grinding. q;

DaftMav2825d ago

Already completed all five bonus races again. Too easy, I wish they would just add a few restrictions to make it challenging but not impossible. First race is best, at night with the Cappucino.

Now busy with the first endurance race, 60 laps in FGT. After 30 laps my shoulders are hurting lol.

Dragunov2825d ago

So you complain about how easy where the seasonal events and then do the first endurance race with the Formula Gran Turismo against stock japanese cars...

DaftMav2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

lol, yes. But that's just a time-issue, 60 laps go by so much faster with the FGT. I doubt I'll ever do any of the longer endurance races.
With the bonus races I do try to tune only a bit and match the cars but it's so easily overpowered now. With the first bonus races you really had to drive near perfect and have a good working tune to win.

creeping judas2825d ago

I love the bonus races and the rewards that they give. I usually tune the car just a little bit better then what is out there. Usually by the last lap I am in 1st place. Learned this from the 1st bonus race where I tuned the car to the max, and was in 1st place just after the 3rd lap. That's when it got boring.