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BigBosss308d ago

After what we saw from Metacritic's and all the backlash xD

DarXyde308d ago

Yes, but that is all we can ask for.

In a perfect world, we would not need to get to this point, but keep in mind that people run these companies. It's a collective of flawed individuals. Fortunately, Sony has done exactly what I expected them to: address their blunder. As I mention sometimes, their leadership structure is progressive enough that they're not imperturbable, but they are stubborn.

They don't deserve much praise, if any, for this though. Just like with Microsoft and the price of Live, you all made this happen. Here's to you all, holding them to account.

They'll try something else. I can feel it. Maybe with another game... And let's be ready for that.

k2d308d ago

The trains left the station on my part. I'll have to wait and see how well they do to build back their trust.

Eonjay308d ago


The thing is, you aren't supposed to trust a company (especially a corporation) at all. You have to understand, the function of a corporation is to maximize the returns for the investors. This isn't a bug its a feature lol. OUR job as consumers is to let the company know when we are unsatisfied with the value we see in our investment. Thats our function. Its not a trust thing. It never will be. The dynamic between company and consumer must be maintained and by nature is supposed to be contentious. This is not supposed to be a friendly relationship. And that is fine. This is the process.

DarXyde308d ago


And you know, that is very fair. If you're a business, you have an obligation to do well by your consumers, unless you really don't care. Sony does, and I think that's why you're seeing the change in attitude. They really tried to wait out the storm, and it isn't working and it's getting worse.

I cannot say enough how important it is to hold their feet to the fire. Something my folks did when I was a kid: they'd make me tell them about the things I didn't like about my favorite superheroes. Took me forever to understand that they were trying to tell me that no one is perfect and no one is above criticism, no matter how awesome you think they are. When you're dealing with a business, failure to push back is silent and obedient consent to accept what you get. I'm really proud of people for telling Sony to shove off, even if they're cranking out excellent (arguably the best) games.

They lost your trust, and I don't think that is unreasonable at all. It was a terrible move and we can how they learn from it.

darthv72308d ago

Why is it so hard for them to totally remove the online requirement and make more stuff accessible for offline players? it's as if they didn't really want to release GT7 and instead a GTS2.

neutralgamer1992308d ago

I want to say so much of negativity around PlayStation now a days is because of Jim Ryan. He seems like a numbers only guy. And let's be honest the way PlayStation had been doing even before he became CEO anyone could be the CEO and it would be do just as well(I feel like under layden and Jack it would be better because both are very charasmetic)

Same guy who said we believe in generations, gamers don't want to play older games, free upgrades than sneakily tried to charge and now made it clear with $10 upgrade fee

I understand and I also believe in generations but due to the pandemic business has shifted because supplies are limited

Gamers would love the opportunity to be able to put in their PS2/3 disks into a next gen PlayStation and be able to play them and in my opinion that would be a huge feature

If you don't want to offer free upgrades that's why but give a clear message. This way there is no need to back track


With PlayStation it always felt different because up until PS5 they have had some very pro gamers running the company. Kaz himself with his strong team basically saved Sony as the ceo. Jim Ryan just feels like a suit

Their recent acquisitions also show they are looking for the next big Blockbuster that can live on as a live service for years to come. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but don't forget what makes PlayStation special is the fact it always had very diverse lineups

Eonjay308d ago


I don't know why but I would like to see the community contiure to pressure PD to add more options for offline play. I think this is necessary to guarantee the longevity of GT7 and concordinately our investments.

kayoss308d ago

What Polyphony did was bad and make them look really bad. But you statement about not trusting companies is a bit short sighted.
You buy health insurance, Car insurances, banks, You go hospitals/Kaiser, which are companies. You have to lay your trust in them correct. I mean, if you dont, you wouldnt be a customer right?

0hMyGandhi308d ago

" It's a collective of flawed individuals."

I mean, sure. But most companies are like raptors testing fences. As they say, "It's not a bug, it's a feature". It wasn't a mistake, it was a calculated decision. It always is.

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Name Last Name308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Great changes but they really kept mum on the online-only complaints lol

LamerTamer301d ago

That is baked in now. Even if they patch in the offline mode it still requires an internet connection to get the patch. This means when they pull server support for the game even having a physical disc is useless.

CaptainHenry916308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Still one of the best GT games I have ever played regardless of the always online feature. I still think the game is great but I totally disagree with the always online feature. I think it has to stay always online for longevity

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Charlieboy333308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

At least they listen and make changes as opposed to another 'gaming' company that seems deaf. I would personally like to thank all the Xbox cheerleaders for lending us your voice and helping make this change through your review bombing and constant flooding of social media with your 'concerns'. Now if only you would have applied that same microscopic-level criticisn to the games on YOUR system instead of guzzling the contents of Phil's gonads, you might actually have had some awesome games to play right now. Instead all you can do is act like little girls who are jealous because the quarterback took another girl to prom and the best you can do is spread nasty rumors about her. Yep, that is exactly how we see you.

fr0sty308d ago

I'm happy to see them address the payout issue, but they aren't even mentioning the online-only aspect, which should have been one of the first things they addressed. Even if offline play didn't affect your online progress in any way, but still worked for one-off races, I'd be ok with that, but making my game unplayable if my net drops out is crap. This isn't some arena FPS that requires online to work. It's a racing game.

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IRetrouk308d ago

Glad they listened, seem to be trying to regain our trust atleast, the updates sound good and I'm deff happy with the free credits, cars and tracks, really wish they would drop the Mt's though..

BigBosss308d ago

im happy with the selling cars. I hope its not for very cheap though.

IRetrouk308d ago

Yeah I'm glad the option is being put back, I agree, fingers crossed they are fair prices

ForNgoods308d ago

With them harping on how they want to set car values based on real world values then it would make total sense for them to do the same with real world used car values (which are insane currently) right? Otherwise it was all bs to begin with. Let's see what happens.

Levii_92308d ago

MT's ? I don't even know where you go to buy these MT's i don't see it anywhere from the menu.. i want always online to be gone instead !

IRetrouk308d ago

So do I but my experience with sport says it won't happen. There's a prompt to buy Mt's everytime you see your balance being added to onscreen, its in the menus next to the game on the dash too...its pretty visible to be honest and not needed at all.

Stonilein308d ago

Now im buying it, thanks complainers

Extermin8or3_308d ago

Given its releasing literally next week I think most of the changes were already palmed takes like 5 days I think typically for patches to pass authentication. But the complaints got us 1 million credits so I'm not gonna complain lol

Teflon02308d ago

I'm pretty sure you're right. From what I said with the update everyone has been going on trying to say is about making the game a bigger grind. Their explanation literally is what I thought it was. It was about patching out an exploit that wasn't intentional and was a quick go. They were clearly in a rebranding stage. It's good to let them know it's a issue though. But people really fed the fanboy war with it. As things aren't all that bad and from what I said too. If reviewers played the same game without MTX with no issues. But the moment people hear there's mtx everyone starts crying about it? It's CTRNF all over again, people jumping to conclusions, but the conclusions in that case was dead wrong, but they ran with it too. Saying the mtx was a ploy and they were just going to take away the wampa gain etc. They did rebalance and some did go down. Some went up, but the wampa gain has been dramaticaly improved since adding the mtx that isnt even advertised in the game lol. I get the always online issue as it is a issue that should be removed and used only when online. But still operate offline. The mtx, just ignore it if you don't like it. I don't have issues with people wasting their money to get what I get. I'd rather it be expensive for those who wanna cop out. So it's not everyone running around with the same car because most won't pay the price and would rather work to it lol

ravens52308d ago

Was always good. Just not right.

Eonjay308d ago

Trust the process lol!

aaronaton308d ago

Well i'm glad they hit the feedback head on unlike DICE/Ea. I'm really enjoying the difficulty and grind tbh.

308d ago
Knushwood Butt308d ago

'Addition of high rewards for clearing the Circuit Experience in all Gold/All Bronze results.'.


Zeke68308d ago

I wonder how they solved that for circuits we already got gold on?

Knushwood Butt308d ago

Yeah, I doubt they can retrofix that without wiping data for times already set.

I've only golded one circuit so will just hold off playing that mode for a while.

Zeke68308d ago

I got gold on all except 5... Not much to save for later for me ;)

Teflon02308d ago

I'd imagine it would be like for example Honkai impact. They had a experience change for one of the story modes. When they updated the game. They give you the difference in what the percentage would have been. So if 1000000 would be equivalent to making 1.5 mill now. You got 500k extra experience on launching the title. I'd imagine it would just be a percentage conversion like that

Knushwood Butt307d ago

@ Zeke68

Ah, I see, but nice work getting those golds.