Fanatec and Gran Turismo Partner to Develop New Racing Peripherals

Fanatec has partnered up with makers of Gran Turismo for licensed racing peripherals and more upcoming projects.

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DarXyde573d ago

Oh? Advanced force feedback, you say?
That would be legendary for Gran Turismo.

badz149573d ago

this is good I guess but my only hope is they keep supporting the G29 (the one I have) and other PS4 wheels with the PS5. at least support it till this gen is over before even thinking of making it as legacy peripheral like they did with the G25 & G27! that one hurt A LOT as a racing game fan like myself. sure you can still use the G25 for PC gaming but so does the G29, I don't need multiple wheels and they cost A LOT too.

fsfsxii573d ago

they also take up huge space lmao

DaniMacYo573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Well this is awesome news as a Fanatec wheel owner. I hope they are still with F1 game and Gran turismo now. We'll see if Fanatec and F1 are still together because I missed out on 2021 f1 wheel lol. I went to purchase it 1 hour after it was announced and it was sold out LOL. I'm hoping for one in 2022. Anyways I do hope Fanatec and Gran Turismo have an amazing partnership. I love GT, F1 and Fanatec. I'm expecting DD wheels with GTS. We'll have to wait and see. So here's to the future.

strifeblade572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

His about Gran Turismo make more than one racing game in 10 years. And make it good. Seriously.