First impressions: Crysis 2 multiplayer (

BeefJack: "Really, at this point, adequate doesn’t cut it any more. As shiny and dynamic as the game may look, the core has to stand out from the crowd and make something of itself. Unfortunately, Crysis 2 just doesn’t manage it."

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Vesemir3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I agree, the game's looking horrible. Crysis 1 destroys it.
Jungle action or GTFO. And what's with those graphics ?? The grasses around don't even look like grass...

My standards are high since Crysis 1, this thing just doesn't cut.

WhiteNoise3734d ago

Well I played Crysis and Warhead and I think the console version of crysis 2 looks friggin amazing.


Yeah because recreating a blade of grass is important you moron.

tudors3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

@Vesemir The article never said anything about it looking horrible so what are you agreeing with? he just doesn't think it does much different in terms of gameplay, I personally think it's fantastic and cannot wait until the full game comes out, I mean you have a dev team that never worked on the Xbox-360 before now and looks like beating them all at least in the graphics department, and the gamepplay I thought was exellent with the odd gripe that should be sorted out before launch.

The Meerkat3734d ago

I felt the controls were clunky.

It didn't feel better than BO or Reach to me.

Goldsack3734d ago

the 360 is build like a middleware pc.

finally the box has a proper engine..thats the fuss about it!


The game is great. No innovation? maybe not on PCs but on consoles this is a BIG innovation.

THe movement you can do with the character such as jumping and grabbing onto ledges and sliding across the floor as well as all the contextual movements the shooting system is solid.

Maybe it doesnt stray to much in terms of base shooting from the likes of other FPS games but maybe thats because EVERY FPS has ADS and slow strafe while ADS. Thats why people think they are the same.

The game is deep, as per usual with a game that has a learning curve the bad players cant hack it online because they dont realise you have to learn how to play it first. Of course it would be labelled as "competative" when your not reaching the "competative" scores that you do on COD.

Dont take this guys word for it. Sit down and learn the game, give it a chance and you will enjoy it.

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