Tech-Gaming: Two Worlds II Review

Redemption is a ubiquitous theme in role-playing games; countless titles have chronicled the journey of a misguided young adventurer who transforms mind and body in an effort to vanquish adversity. With the release of their latest title, Polish developer Reality Pump has followed a remarkably similar trajectory.

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Shogun Master3739d ago

This game is getting much better review scores then I imagined, especially after that first pile of trash.

pr0digyZA3739d ago

Ye they definitely have listened to the feed back, and tried hard to improve. I even saw a vid on two worlds 2 where the character mocks a villager who speaks like all the people did in the first game.

Objective3739d ago

Always good to know that there's another promising WRPG in the horizon!

deserteaglexix3739d ago

For the hardcore, there's a $99 Royal Edition coming out next week.

I'm not sure sure why the hardcore should me made to wait, though.