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RipTen: The Crysis 2 beta is a sampler platter of sorts as it throws your favorite mechanics of first person shooters into a blender and makes you a first person smoothie that is surprisingly delicious despite how unappealing that sounds.

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Invadersims2876d ago

I had alot of fun with this, I hope the full game doesn't mess it up.

KingNintendoFanboy2876d ago

You never know what will happen with final releases. :(

MAJ0R2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

they only things they should do in the final release is turn the graphics down so theres no lag in the controls, because it's a real game breaker

Drjft2876d ago

Looking forward to playing this game where it rightfully belongs - PC.

BabyTownFrolics2876d ago

Enough with that already just cause it will look better on pc does not mean it will be a shit game on consoles

bobrea2876d ago

Except it IS shit on console. Multiplayer in the original Crysis sucked, but what I just played on my 360 was a complete joke.

gamer20102875d ago

Bobrea, lots of people really like the demo. Should they just ignore the game because you don't like it? Arrogant.

Not everybody has a gaming PC or necessarily likes to play on the PC. Those people now have a chance to play Crysis 2 where they otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

Besides, weren't you a PS3 fanboy?

SuicideShaun2875d ago

Well the reason it is upsetting is that with the demo release today you can already see that they are trying to go to the mainstream and be like a generic shooter like cod. Crysis 1 was a game like no other. But most casual gamers and console people don't appeal to different things, they just want easy generic games like cod...

dirthurts2876d ago

I'm glad it made it to consoles.
I'll be playing it on pc but I'm glad the consoles finally get their chance to get a piece of this. That and it forces them to optimize the engine, which they desperately needed. Crysis is sick. It actually feels right in the city too.

iamgoatman2875d ago

As long as the PC version isn't compromised, I'm 100% with you on that one.

The more people that play and enjoy the game, the better in my book. I used to take my PC over to my friend's so he could experience the first game because he only had a 360. Again, as long as it isn't gimped for the consoles, and I don't think it will be, then I prefer to share a game with as many people as possible. You hear that N4G users? SHARING, a concept you seem to forget with all your exclusive bullshit.

jaredhart2876d ago

Tried to download it earlier but it was taking forever. About to try again.

dukenukemisyourgod2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

im already bored with it.

they fucked up the nanosuit.

u have to hold down the a button to jump high and if ur on a small platform u usually dont have enough fuckin room when u try to run and jump u fall to ur death it's bullshit.

the way you selected shit was done better in crysis 1.

gamer20102875d ago

You don't like Dead Space 2 and you don't like Crysis 2, so its sounds like you are just hard to please.

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The story is too old to be commented.