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GodsHand3740d ago

Even though I paid full price for Hoard, that game is worth every penny. Fantastic game, which I hope will get some expansion packs.


Hoard looks like a $5 game. Is it really good?

schlanz3740d ago

I've heard good things about Hoard. If you like action-strategy games, its supposedly a winner.

I've been waiting for a price drop for this and Deathspank. Sweet update.

Dark_Overlord3739d ago


Be careful of Deathspank, there are game killing bugs which to this day Hothead haven't bothered to fix

GodsHand3739d ago


It's not for everyone. It's an topographic play field like Zelda: A link to the past. You play a dragon, by yourself, or co-op, or against others. The main objective is to get as much gold as you can before time runs out. You can upgrade your dragon upto 12 times in a single game, and ever game after that you start from scratch. You can upgrade your dragons fire breath, flying speed, amount of gold which it can carry and drop, and the armor. Each upgrade has its use on a certain type of stage, for instance, you may want to focus on armor for a princess rush mode, or survival mode., but on a treasure map, you may want more speed and gold carrying. They said there were going to be releasing a demo of the game so you might want to wait, and try the demo to see if it's to your liking.

Hazmat133740d ago

cool bulletstorm demo. i still want my Crysis2 demo for PS3 lol. oh well i want Motorstorm apoclypse demo!!!

showtimefolks3740d ago

i heard its really great game

EL1TE3740d ago

It is, i have Plus and it's free for Plus Subscribers.

It's a game that combines fast reaction and reflexes to achieve the objectives, specially the more you go into the game. I like this kind of games that "train" our brain. :)

nevin13740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

the 11 for 11 deal sucks. I guess i'll try the demos.

[email protected] 3.46GB for Dead Space demo.

schlanz3740d ago

Most, if not all, of those 11 games are quite good, though. Half-off is nothing to sneeze at.

Personally I've been waiting for Hoard and Deathspank to drop in price, so I'm quite happy with the update. And if I didn't have them already, Comet Crash, Shatter, Space Invaders, and Solder-X2 would find themselves in my cart. All great games.

LoneWanderer093740d ago

Wohooo NEW Avatars am going to be downloading many of those

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