Crysis 2 Demo: How do you like the graphics on Xbox 360?

VideoGamesZone: For a few hours, the demo of Crysis 2 for Xbox 360 is available. In our survey, we want to know from you: How do you assess the graphic qualities of the Crytek shooter? Brilliant? Disappointing?

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units3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

how about waiting for the single player campaign before judging

guigsy3734d ago

I was gunna say, games always dumb down the graphics in multiplayer to improve performance.

I'm downloading the demo now anyway so I can judge for myself.

Organization XII3734d ago

why Crytek? why? this should have been a PS3 and PC exclusive.

MegaMohsi3734d ago

Crysis Wars didn't look much worse than Crysis or Warhead on PC. The fact is they're making a sequel to a game that can only be maxed out on current hardware with 5 year old hardware...this is the end result. PC version will be the only version to get.

pr0digyZA3734d ago

Not just multiplayer, I'm sure 360 limits the size of demos. I remember downloading a PC demo that was nearly 2 gigs yet the same one on 360 was 500mb , and that won't help with the graphics.

thereapersson3734d ago

Except for Killzone 2 / 3, that is. I guess that's the benefit of having all the system's resources to work with.

FragMnTagM3734d ago

@Prodigy, it is 1.8gb for the Crysis demo on the 360. I am downloading it right now. It looks better than COD, but that is not too huge of a compliment.

I am sure the single player will be a bit more polished as multiplayer is always dumbed down a bit to make the game run smoother for online play.

Pixel_Enemy3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Killzone doesn't dumb down its multiplayer graphics ;) I still plan to get crysis2 on PS3.

@disagrees. They don't dumb them down so.. Umad?

lowcarb3734d ago

[email protected]% PS3 PC exclusives. This game is looking great.

TreMillz3734d ago

im calling it right now, 360 fans stop with the RAGE hype also...its just gonna be the same outcome

Raoh3734d ago

@ pr0digyZA,

so pretty much final fantasy xiii all over again?

jetlian3734d ago

has already been shown on 360. this looks good at times then bad at others. looks like theres no AA. edges are rough

HolyOrangeCows3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"how about waiting for the single player campaign before judging"

I highly doubt that this ugly as heck thing, that still manages to have plenty of screen-tear and FPS-drops, will look all that much better in the SP campaign.

And to be the magical "BEST GRAFFIX ON CONSOELS" that Crytech claimed, there's going to need to be some anti-aliasing. And from the SP footage we've seen of the 360 version, it's not looking like we're going to see that.

zag3734d ago

If the demo came out for the 360 only then the whole game will be geared towards the 360 only.

The PC version will suffer because it won't be made a for a keyboard/mouse set up and the GFX engine won't allow for the PC hardware to it's best.

Seen this all before and it's never a good ending.

PS3 version? well has anything been released for it lol no so it'll suffer because it's not a 360 controller and the engine won't be made for the Cell CPU etc.

same old story just different box.

Substance1013734d ago

I guess the only reason they havent done a PC demo is because then the xbox fans will cry how bad the xbox version looks even when comparing the PC version running on 3-4 yr old hardware.

This gen consoles really are getting old.

mrcash3734d ago

nope killzone doesnt dumb them down but they also use dedicated servers not sure if Crysis will be using them on console versions. Hell even UC2 dumbed down the graphics and its only 10 players online.

MGRogue20173734d ago

Killzone 3 doesn't dumb down it's graphics for MP..

piroh3734d ago

so much talking Crytek i don't believe you anymore

Inside_out3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

...and the graphics are closed. Having said that Halo reach and COD MW2 are in a league all there own. I find that devs, no matter who, on there first try seem to make some rookie mistakes with few exceptions...Bungie, Irrational and Epic come to mind as the exceptions.

The controls are solid, as is the game play BUT the amount of bullets needed to down an enemy needs some work. There is nothing worse than lighting a guy up and he having time to look around to see where the bullets are coming from and then kill you we 2-3 bullet hits. I hate the stealth/invisible suit thing as well. Adding another map would of been nice.

In terms of graphics, the lighting could be better. It suffers from launch title-itis lighting. Think Resistance 1/2 type of lighting or any game launched in the first couple of I said, rookie mistake.

Over all a great first showing for me. Guys use to the FPS shooting and playing mechanics of your favorite FPS will love it. Great sense of speed and agility and with few hiccups. To bad all gamers are not getting a chance to flex there muscles with this demo but it will come to the other platforms soon as the game doesn't launch until March.

Played the Bulletstorm demo as well...have to find an appropriate thread for that one.

Vherostar3734d ago

The problem is as well this level of graphics is too intensive on the console thus causes controller lag as IGN says. So if your not happy with this then you should just get rid of the 360 as this is as good as it gets people. But I bet you most are VERY happy with it and don't care too much about graphics. Only fanboys care about the graphics to a degree they use that to choose there choice. I would probably buy PC version for a higher Res (not graphics) and mods not to mention quicker patches. Though getting for my PS3 is tempting to play online with my friends and get trophies.

Shepherd 2143734d ago

Those screenshots still look pretty good. Im downloading the demo now to see for myself.

Kalipekona3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

It doesn't look disappointing. This guy is either a fanboy or an idiot. Go play the demo yourself.

Also, if you don't have Xbox Live just go watch some videos. The game is clearly a nice looking game.
Both of the videos on that site are from the 360 version. You can even see the Xbox Live notifications pop up a couple times.
The thing is, Skyline is one of the more plain looking maps in terms of art design. It still looks really good though.

gta28003734d ago

This looks like Crysis 1 on medium settings. I thought it was gonna be somewhere close to high. And the PS3 never dumbed down graphcs for multiplayer. Killzone 3 and Uncharted 2 speak for them selves.

ProjectVulcan3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

My Crysis PC shots running on all medium settings:

I think the demo isnt too far off those, maybe not quite as good. Its pretty much what i expected from any crysis game that came to console, Medium-ish settings. You probably should have not anticipated better, i didnt so i cant say im so disappointed with how the console version looks even though i'll be playing it with everything as high as possible on PC!

ChrisGTR13734d ago

wtf people, STFU games are way more than just graphics. go play the demo for yourself and see the horrible controls then graphics are meaningless.

RBLAZE19883734d ago

@ zag. If you had a clue you would know that crytek created the cryengine 3 to develop the game simultaneously on ps3 pc and 360. What this means is that they would be designing it on the pc and it would update on the 360 and ps3 dev kits in real time do uour whole arguement and frankly, your opinion is shot to shit. The game will look almost exactly the same on ps3 and 360 with the pc being the only superior version

Pixelated_Army3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

"games always dumb down the graphics in multiplayer to improve performance."

Not all devs do this *cough*Killzone 3 *cough*. :D The best time to be a PS3 user is now! If you haven't bought a PS3 and pre-order KZ3 what the hell are you waiting for!? You're going to miss out on one of the best FPS ever!

TerrorCell3734d ago

@organization xii but if it's on ps3 and pc only does that make it not exclusive. Isn't that what you ps3 turds tried to pass off when games like mass effect where on pc and 360?

BattleAxe3734d ago

So its Metro 2033 all over again...

newflesh3734d ago

I thought the gfx were fuckin great! I was shocked actually, expected it to look much worse

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chriski3333734d ago

No shit its disappointing its on the 360 it can't handle it

Istanbull3734d ago

I was shocked to see 360 version of Dead Space 2 being on 2 discs.

BakedGoods3734d ago


Wow, I had no idea. I'd like to see the Lens of Truth on that one.

AndrewRyan3734d ago

Well dude it's Multiplayer. Games are always dumbed down on multiplayer. Just give it a bit for singleplayer.

@Istanbull. Dead space 2 is 16GB game all together I believe, are you really that surprised to see that it can't fit on a 360 dvd?

vsr3734d ago

If a demo was 1.8 GB, what will be the size of final game and how many discs on xbox ?

Why? this should have been a PS3 and PC exclusive.

Tinasumsum3734d ago

My god did you see that bush? the PC version and the PS3 version will have better bushes :p

OMG the graphics are proven bad when no one else in the media agree, because they trolled a bush in a game.

STiRacer3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Crysis 2: The Real Bush Simulator. Nitpicking anyone??? Remember, U remember???

Masterchef20073734d ago

Wow thats news to me. I wasnt expecting dead space 2 to be on 2 disks for the 360.

chriski3333734d ago

See half of u agree and the other half r xbox fanboys crying

hoof1233734d ago

@ STiRacer, Wasn't it Crysis 2: The Real Tree & Seagull Simulator?

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Headquarters113734d ago

The controls I thought the hit detection in Black Ops was bad LOL, this is 100 times worse. The graphics aren't too good. I just didn't enjoy it, it's not a fun game, they should've just stuck to Single player

Killzoned3734d ago

I completely agree with you here, When i saw the MP i thought the aiming was rather odd but i thought it was just me.
I thought the gameplay looks so boring

Jazz41083733d ago

All I see in here is the typicala n4g crap of ps3 boyz crying and hating on the 360

Headquarters113733d ago

So is Crysis 2 supposed to receive some sort of special treatment since it is on the 360 with an exclusive demo? The game is TRASH, accept it.

xXxSeTTriPxXx3733d ago

i'm not a pc gamer, but they should have stuck with the pc and made the best game they possibly could.the console fps space is over crowed as it is.

and from what i can tell, this won't be a welcomed edition.

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thief3734d ago

How about comparing against KZ3 "ONLINE" before judging?

nycredude3734d ago

That is suicide dude. I am sure Crytek don't want to go there.


what pisses me off is the bragging crytek did.

eliasg3734d ago

the graphics are great , way better than Black ops or MW2.

badz1493733d ago

like someone up there already said. that's not even a great compliment either!

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meetajhu3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

LMAO a juggernaut game in PC running on consoles and complaining gfx is not good is nothing new! The best experience of this game is only on PC!

theonlylolking3734d ago

True since they dont know how to use the cell for the PS3 like GG, IG, ND, PD, and SP.

kevnb3734d ago

It doesnt matter if they use the cell, they arent making something that allows for visual tricks. The game is too dynamic

CoxMulder3733d ago

Give Crytek some restrictions, and suddenly they're a pretty mediocre developer..

kevnb3734d ago

Disapointing? did they forget they were playing on a console?

gta28003734d ago

Well people were hyping this game to be the real console graphics king and that builds up hype, so you finally see the game and it's not as everyone was claiming it to be.....go figure.

jammydude3734d ago

Looks like Crytek aren't the amazing, magical console developers they hyped themselves to be.
Game will still (hopefully) look great on my PC, though. But as far as console shooters go this certainly isn't up there with the best of them graphically.

Tinasumsum3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Looks like videogamezonede is not liking this game being on the 360 first. Hand picked screenshots, and a poll asking a bunch of angry gamers about the graphics is the biggest flame article I've seen in a month. Videogamezonde are the only media saying this. The poll asking a bunch of angry and bitter gamers about the graphics is a nice touch.

What are these people smoking?

Anyways I'm kind of surprised this was the only damage control article surrounding Crysis 2 from the Sony side and supporting media.

This dog pooh article looks desperately thrown together in a fanboy fit trying to get other fanboys to smear the game.

Tinasumsum3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

Disagree? They hand picked screenshots because they're bitter.

Videogamezonede hand picked those screenshots for their agenda. LMAO at trolling bushes in games trying to start a bitter fanboy war smearing the game because the 360 is getting some love from Crytek

yewles13734d ago

Wow, your pics only manage to prove this article's case. Sad...

kane_13713734d ago


dude, what are you smoking?
the graphics are horrible!!!

solidt123734d ago

If you are not satisfied with current gen consoles graphics then get the PC version.

ChrisW3734d ago

I've been disappointed with the graphics on console versions of FPSs since Bad Company 2.

JsonHenry3734d ago

And THIS is why I keep a gaming rig handy. :)

Still, you have to admit that this game is good looking for a 5 years old system.

jammydude3734d ago

It's not, that's the problem. There are quite a few other console FPS games that trump it in graphics. Big let down.

@solidt12 it's not the current gen consoles' faults - just look at KZ2/3, UC2/3, GT5. Much better graphics can be produced than this on consoles.

Redgehammer3734d ago

YEah the 360 is dead don't you know. the Ps2 had better graphics. Games can only be fun if it is on blu-ray.. MS bought the world how can anyone compete. Sony loves us. Microsoft is evil.

vishant1013734d ago

@ above u r obviously a sony fanboy because no real gamer would say ps2 has better graphics the the xbox

alex33693734d ago

yup another sony fanboy above... lol ps2 is better than 360 in graphichs! boy your stupid as shit!

HungryGoku3734d ago

It is suppose to look better but the 360 is maxed out. Ps3 games look better and better sorry if the truth hurts you.

Ducky3734d ago

Those two are really talented when it comes to detecting sarcasm.