First Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Screenshots

Check out the first screenshots of the new Crysis 2 multiplayer demo for Xbox 360.

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DoomeDx3735d ago

Jesus videogameszone, learn to take proper screenshots.

most of these pictures are taken when almost completly dead, or when they just got out of water, and have water on their screen which blurs it

Seijoru3735d ago

I feel like the motionblur is excessive and there are a lot of jaggies. I just hope it doesn't have as much pop-in as the closed beta. That shit was horrendous.

DoomeDx3735d ago

When i was watcing video's of the alpha was crazy! Plants, trashcans etc, came out of nowhere even when i was very close


on topic either its the screenshots or the game but one of them looks terrible

Fred-G-Sanford3735d ago

With both the Crysis 2 and the Bulletstorm demo up on Xbox Live today, it almost feels like Christmas again.

If they threw up a Gears 3 demo I would probably die from the awesomeness. lol

Daz3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

i think they all looks great but hey im not the one to pic holes in games, i like them or i dont.

Jezuz3735d ago

did somebody call for jesus?

WhiteNoise3735d ago


You've been lurking on n4g for 6 weeks without sleep waiting for someone to mention jesus haven't you?

Rest easy now my child, the wait is over.

Nate-Dog3735d ago

Looking forward to giving this a go later.

S_C3735d ago

Downloading now, Work is going to go soooo slow today but when i get home i got the and bulletstorm looks like a good night of gaming ahead:)

8thnightvolley3735d ago

i knw right after hearing d demo was out the time just went all slow mo on me...

Ninjamonkey823735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Its not on the main marketplace section yet but in the A-Z section for demos it and bulletstorm.

Ill have it down soon downloading now. Still think from what ive seen so far from texture pop in on the very mounted machine gun on that Gametrailers Streets gameplay this game still; needs alot of work on the xbox version.

Guess thats why they require a beta for this version to iron the obivous bugs out. When i get it down ill have more to rave about rather than complain about hopefully.

Eitherway my plan was always to get this game for my PS3 and PC so they will have to pull something special out of the hat to change my mind.

Oh btw i was looking forward to playing Bulletstorm more today that was a game i had looked forward too on xbox360 and a game though multiplat will be focused mainly upon the xbox platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.