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The-Tentacle3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I'll wait for a better version.

@lord Yeah what did you think I meant? PS3 will only be a little bit better than 360 but PC version will blow both of em out the water, obviously... with the right rig of course.


me,im gona check it out and finally see if the graphics are all that on console

SnakeMustDie3740d ago

Has Crytek released the system requirements yet? I hope my GTX 260 SLI can still handle it.

ProjectVulcan3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Fully equipped? Yes, generally a computer needs its components to function..

A single 8800GT and a dual core outperforms consoles and it would still for this on PC. 8800GT is considered low end, pretty much every single ATX desktop machine now sold has at least a dual core CPU. That sort of setup ran Crysis on mostly high 1280 x 1024 three years ago. Haven't seen a console game that looks better than Crysis on just high, one below maximum. Wont do either until the next gen comes along.

The consoles are using 5 year old hardware, naturally even cheap PC gear knocks it into a cocked hat as it bloody well should. Enjoy the demo

iamgoatman3740d ago


You'll be absolutely fine with that setup, maybe not with all the bells and whistles turned on, and obviously no DX11 effects, but even a single 260 would be enough for at least the equivalent of Crysis 1's high settings, minus AA maybe. Crytek have said Crysis 2 will run better than the first did, so I doubt we'll see the same hardware crippling performance that Crysis 1 had on release, especially now the consoles are involved.

Ordered a bunch of upgrades myself this morning, almost a complete rebuild, so I'm eagerly waiting to see how this game performs as well

Hands Up For Games3740d ago

Well, im putting it in the que just noo :)!

RBLAZE19883740d ago

Can you guys who try the demo let us know if there really is noticeable input lag in the demo or if ign are just incompetent and weren't playing the demo on a properly set up t.v. (aka having settings turned on that increase input lag such as 120-240 hz motionflow or automotion plus type settings)


Baka-akaB3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

will try checking it .

EDIT : the demo isnt truly there yet so ...

RBLAZE19883740d ago

Ok thanks anyway...if you want to try later when it's available go for it i'd appreciate it.

I'm leaning more towards the fact that since only ign is complaining about the lag so i'm thinking that someone was playing with some lag inducing tv settings. If true it will truly show that ign have no professionalism or credibility at all. Half of their employees are casual gamers anyway. Listening to them irritates me sometimes because they're getting payed for reporting on videogames when I could do it ten times better then they do. Half the time they don't get the full story on an announcement or report incorrect information about a game they are talking about.

Baka-akaB3740d ago

I wouldnt put it past them .

They don't even seems to know if their tv set are Full rgb compatible or not , and would turn the option on/off regardless of it for the ps3 games

RBLAZE19883740d ago

Yea I agree with you there. I think if they were journalists in another field like politics they would at least get their facts straight but they think that since they report to a bunch of kids they don't have to be professional or have any real integrity. Same thing could be said about G4 or other sites like that. Some of them, it looks like, are still run by kids lol

Baka-akaB3740d ago

Tried the game , and while i'm not really liking it , it's solid .

On the technical side , no input lag noticed so far . IGN are just idiots as usual , and dont even know how to measure input lag to begin with

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EVILDEAD3603740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Can't wait..

Crysis 2 demo + Bulletstorm Demo + Dead Space 2 FTW..


jrbeerman113740d ago

considering that multiplat tends to be better on 360 (most cases not all) its hard to assume ps3 version will be better.

I still wish I got Black ops on 360 instead of ps3

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Tachyon_Nova3740d ago

Crytek aretempting me to buy a 360. Exclusive Crysis 2 stuff and Kingdoms. Hell I don't even know anything about that game but my love of Crytek us getting me excited.

Pity bloody MS don't sell the arcade by itself anymore in Aus, they're all bundled with bloody kinect and as such is ridiculously expensive.

Seijoru3740d ago

Your going to buy a 360 for an early demo of a multiplat game? There has also been next to no info on Kingdoms.

Tachyon_Nova3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

"Hell I don't even know anything about that game but my love of Crytek us getting me excited."

I already covered that. And no, of course an early demo isnt enough to make me buy a 360. However, a Crytek exclusive game certainly is a major part of it. For me, being a hugh fan of Crytek, it would be like ND making a 360 exclusive game for fans of Uncharted (obviously will never happen, it's just an example). But there are other games on 360 i wouldnt mind getting such as Gears 2+3, and umm, nah actually thats it. Ohwell, maybe put the idea of buying a 360 on the back burner for a while (untill after 2011).


crysis 2 is a multi platform release and nothing is known about kingdoms

- Ghost of Sparta -3740d ago

360 fanboy trying to get idiots to buy a 360.

chidori6663740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

let the xbros have have their fun.

Doesnt seem that special to me either, especially if the game plays like crap because of performance issues. I dont expect it to look better on the ps3 though, but games like KZ3, RE3 will be very hard to beat for any multiplatform game.

Tachyon_Nova3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

Says someone with one bubble, obviously a colosal fanboy.

Brother, I don't own a 360. I own a PS3 (actually 2) with over 70 games and Move, and a powerful PC. I would like to point out that obviously I will buy Crysis 2 on PC (becuase I can, and I'm not dumb) but I am such a huge fan of the series that i would be prepared to spend Aus$300 on a 360 to play the game 3 months early, especially considering that i can then use it for another Crytek game.

If you don't believe I game on PS3, check out my user, Tachyon_Nova2 on PSN and have a look at my trophies! Also I've reviewed 20 or so PS3 games on N4G yet not a single 360 game. Hmmm, funny that.

Edit @ 2.3.1 - Yeah Resitstance 2 was a fantastic game so I have high hopes for Res 3, and although I didn't really enjoy KZ2, I'm loving the look of KZ3 the MP looks really intense!

@ 2.3.3 - Thanks mate for pointing that out, I hadn't realised. When Crytek announced that the 360 was getting an exclusive MP demo i immideatly though "Awesome, I get to play the entire game on 360 on January 25th". Thanks for putting that delusion out of my head. Numpty...

Baka-akaB3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

But you are not playing it early ... it's a demo , just that a demo ...


That's exactly the funny thing ... i know it , you know it , everyone knows it , and yet you behave as if you didnt know .. advancing it as a reason to buy a console .

Of course it's your life

DelbertGrady3740d ago

^^ Bitter over corrupted Mass Effect 2 saves, inferior Black Ops version and waiting 5 years for a slightly average racing sim.

No Crysis 2 MP demo, and most likely getting the inferior version as usual. I feel for you. :(

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zeksta3740d ago

Fail troll, Troll is fail.

RBLAZE19883740d ago

dude i would just wait and watch gameplay demoes of the multiplayer demo. I'm sure there will be extensive videos about it in the weeks to come. I mean if you want some other things coming to the 360 then by all means get the 360 but don't do it on an impulse buy just for a timed multiplayer exclusive demo. This is like the best case scenario companies come up with for this kind of market strategy of keeping demoes exclusive to a platform. Most of the time it just feeds on the impatience of people and is usually announced 2-3 weeks later for the other platforms that weren't included. Be wise, don't feed into this shallow form of marketing.

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SnakeMustDie3740d ago

Can't wait to try it. Too bad my cousins out so I can't borrow his 360. Can you guys post screenshots and compare it to the first Crysis.

tudors3740d ago

I will take some when I am able to download it.

mega BIG time3740d ago

can't wait hope they make a 360/crysis2 bundle

Goldsack3740d ago

Very lame if you ask me...

iamgoatman3740d ago

Bigger isn't always better. Some games benefit from a large number of players, like battlefield, whereas other play better with a smaller, more compact number.

And I can imagine the chaos that would ensue if a game like Crysis had large scale battles, you'd have people slaughtering you left and right with the various abilities, any and all tactics would go out the window.

Tachyon_Nova3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

You people are really annoying me. If that's (6 players per team) what they've found works best then great. I didn't see people complaining about Uncharted 2 only having a max of 5 people per team, and before you say its completely different, one of those modes is Deathmatch so there you go!

And as far as it being a rumour, it was made official back at GC last year...

The Meerkat3740d ago

Imagine Gears with 10 v 10.

It would just become a giant Homosexual Chainsaw Conga line.

jrbeerman113740d ago

Great point and funny bubble for you

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