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Elder-Geek says: "We've been anxiously awaiting Two Worlds 2. The original was a cult hit on the PC, but most would agree that the port on the Xbox 360 was nothing short of a nightmare. Reality Pump, TopWare Interactive and South Peak Games have been assuring everyone that they have learned their lesson and that Two Worlds 2 would be a much more refined experience than the original. Thankfully they're right. Two World's 2 is an absolutely solid RPG and RPG fans shouldn't hesitate to give it a try, but even it is not without its faults."

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Stealth20k3734d ago

It looks exactly the same as every other rpg from the west

WhiteNoise3734d ago


Yeah Fallout 3 and Mass Effect and The WItcher aren't different in any way

( post apocalyptic alternative history set in the 50's/ Sci-Fi/ and medievil famtasy )

JPRS are all the same, full of incestuous connotations and androgyny.

Calm Down Sunshine3734d ago

It's a good job we've got the massively varied JRPG's to keep us satisfied then isn't it?

Spikey haired, effeminate, overly emotional males with oversized (overcompensating ?) weaponry, battling against all odds to save, not only the world, but also the scantily clad love interest.

It works both ways sonny.

MGRogue20173734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I'll get this for my Xbox 360. :)

Shield3734d ago

I'll be picking this up today along with Dead Space 2. The bank is officially broken!

ChrisW3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I tried to like Two Worlds 1. On the PC version, I downloaded all of the official and unofficial games patches (things from AI, to textures) but simply couldn't get past that "must play for more than 2 hours before it gets worth while."

While they say Two Worlds 2 is phenomenally better, I won't play it until a couple patches come out and fixes things that needs fixing.

Yeah... that's how burned I feel from the first one.

Apone3734d ago

I bought this one a few weeks ago. Almost finished it. Stuck with the boss, and can't level/upgrade anymore, since there are no more enemies left in the world... (No respawns)
There's something very irritating with the controls also. Not responsive at all. Can't walk and fight/hit at the same time for example. The whole game still needs a lot of bug fixes and feels a bit unfinished somehow. After the fixes it can be a realy interesting game. They've created a nice world that's for sure.

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