Raw DLC: Kinect in a hardcore FPS: extrapolating the possibilities

Five years from now… It’s a typical spec ops mission set in the terrorist country called Fakeasthistan. I’m not however playing a typical First Person Shooter. Sure, I’m using an Xbox 360 controller and it employs the classic controller mapping (left stick moves, right stick looks, the two triggers distribute lead-based justice), but there’s something that makes this much more immersive. I have a Kinect connected and its HAL 9000 eye is scrutinising everything my body is doing whilst I play. Most of my movements will not register on screen, but key subtle movements will – and the result is a sense of immersion that I’ve never felt before.

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manumit3738d ago

Extrapolating the possibilities? haha Wrong! Telling a story of pixies and fairy dust.

ConanOBrien3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

if one thinks himself a hardcore gamer, grab a real Glock or M4 (not the fake one with buttons) blow your hd tv up and just buy a new one the next day

make your friends n neighbours proud

Varodor3737d ago

This is a FPS on Kinect

dannybohy3737d ago

or you could just play FPS games on a PC!

Apotheosize3737d ago

it would be cool to see a hands free fps, but i dont think it could work with kinect

Britainz-Fin3st3737d ago

I think its the only console it will work on,
back when natal was announced this was exactly what I imagined.

I dont see any reason at all why what this author has said couldnt be done, im sure ms are looking into games like this with Kinect there just keeping it on the hush.

Firstkn1ghT3737d ago

Hands free is stupid. Have a gun prop and be able to move around and dodge incoming attacks. An arcade game called Emergency 911 was like this and it was a blast.

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The story is too old to be commented.