XXLGaming | Two Worlds II Review

XXLGaming writes, "Two Worlds II is finally hitting North American shores. The game is definitely miles ahead of the original when it comes to gameplay and technical issues. Is it perfect and without issues or flaws? No, but it should satisfy RPG fans until Dragon Age 2 gets here."

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karlowma3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Playing this right now. 3 hours in and quite impressed. Graphics are STUNNING, great music, really cool magic and crafting systems, interesting sidequests, decent control in combat... voice acting is not great but not taking away from the experience either.

So happy to have a "next-gen" RPG to play.

And seriously, stunning. Find some HD screenshots of this game maxed out. If I get around to uploading anything on youtube i'll throw up a link.

^^ applies to PC ver. btw. Haven't played the 360 ver.

pr0digyZA3730d ago

awesome thanks, I have seen some screens and it does look pretty, I have a feeling that when I play this game then this would be the sort of score it would get.


Anyone played the PS3 version of this?
I am thinking of getting it but some user reviews/impressions would be :)

Booyah3730d ago

I agree. I would like a console review... since the 1st one was bad... I mean really bad... I'm taking some precaution here.

blahblah3730d ago

"While it may not stand up to the likes of an RPG such as Oblivion or Dragon Age"

i simply stopped reading here. those two count as biggest rpg failures in my book. oblivion was THE most boring experience i ever had.

and since my fellow demon's souls enthusiast already bought two worlds 2 and says it is awesome, i'll simply stick with that and buy it

drosera13730d ago

Agree with you 100%. Having played both Oblivion and Dragon Age Origins, i can't see why people go nuts for them. Like you said, Oblivion was boring as hell, and Dragon Age Origins looked horrific, especially for consoles, but it wasn't much better on PC. I have imported Two Worlds 2 for Xbox 360 and love it, in my opinion it is leaps and bounds ahead of Oblivion, which it should be, given Oblivion's age.

blahblah3728d ago

yeah, counting the days. 4th feb for me preordered.

and since i don't really have any expectations from that game, i doubt it could be bad. i just hope it will be decent filler while waiting for project dark or demon's souls 2. same pleasant surprise for me was venetica. really old school action rpg which seems clunky at first, but the better you get with action, the better game is. but since i just got platinum there, i can't wait for two worlds 2. i'm just wondering if servers are separated for pc/360/ps3. i'm getting mine for ps3, but few friends bought it for 360. i guess i'll have to wait 7 days and see;)