Crysis 2 - 5 Minutes of Multiplayer

From Examiner: "As fellow Examiner John Speerbrecker recently reported, we recently had some hands-on time with the latest build of Crysis 2 and its multiplayer modes. For those who want to see the game in action, click on the video links on the left." (The video isn't 5 minutes, but still cool)

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awiseman3741d ago

the fps rate looks very solid, even to the lvl of mw2.

Pandamobile3741d ago

Crysis 2 runs at 30 FPS.

MW2 runs at 60 FPS.

For a wise man, you're not very wise.

theonlylolking3741d ago

Just because the numbers say other wise that does not mean both cant look just as smooth.

LightofDarkness3741d ago

To a degree, he's not entirely wrong. If they're still using the object based motion blur from Crysis, then it's understandable, as that effect made the game seem to be running smoother than it really was.

Pandamobile3741d ago

He's still talking about the FPS of the game :l

Numbers are numbers.

gamer20103741d ago

Pandamobile is right about the FPS, but LightofDarkness is also correct about the object-based motion blur making games appear to be much smoother than their FPS specs would otherwise imply.

Anyway, this is the 360 version right? Well, it looks absolutely amazing. I can't wait to play the multiplayer demo tomorrow.

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chriski3333741d ago

the guy playing really sucks

WhiteNoise3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

lol @ people thinkin blur makes a game look smoother...

It is a cheap parlour trick to hide lack of anisitropic filtering and pop in on consoles, turning blur on, on a PC where you have it running at 60 frames, is like putting 15" wheels on a drag car.

If you want blur, change your refresh rate to 30hz, you will have all the blur you can handle, albeit not as much as the gimped 4-8AF on consoles + mud filter + motion blur + 30hz + screen tearing, but you get the point, blurry is blurry.

Comparing the viscosity of 2 different puddles of mud is fairly pointless.

Crysis 2 on PC or gtfo.

ct033740d ago

Motion blur is not a cheap trick at all. Every movie you've ever seen exhibits it.

Most movies are shot in 24 frames per second with an exposure time of 1/48s. This produces significant motion blur but makes the footage look reasonably smooth.

Crysis 1 has excellent looking motion blur. It adds a whole lot to the realism of the game.

SJPFTW3741d ago


Da_Truth3741d ago

Those death animations need some work...other than that the game seems fine...hopefully it performs well on the PS3 too since they haven't shown any footage whatsoever and from past experiences that is a bad sign.

krisq3740d ago

The same was with RDR and we all know why they did it.
That's not a good sign IMO.

Otheros003741d ago

Kill cams? It screams COD!!
Great, more COD clones.

brandonk1293741d ago

Damn, I was too distracted by the killzone 3 video I was watching. Can someone fill me on on what went on in the video?

lowcarb3741d ago

"Can someone fill me on on what went on in the video? "

How about you check it yourself. lol silly trolls

SJPFTW3741d ago

kill cams counter campers so its all good

TKCMuzzer3741d ago

Kill cams are stupid, they just show how many bullets your killer fired without actually appearing on your screen when you got shot.

Fishy Fingers3741d ago

Map knowledge and game experience counter campers, killcams are a tool of the noob.

Pandamobile3741d ago

What's wrong with kill cams?

chriski3333741d ago

just because the game has kill cam doesnt mean its a COD clone so go back to quick scoping in MW2 and shut up

Otheros003741d ago

I hate COD. Seems like you love quick scoping and cod. So, why don't you go back to playing your cod crap.

If you take out the powers form crysis 2 it plays almost just like a COD game. It even looks like a cod game.

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TKCMuzzer3741d ago

I see a lot of run and gun coming, the guy above is right, there's a lot of COD about this. lets hope it works eh

Shackdaddy8363741d ago

I read an article that if you play like CoD then you die a lot.

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