ThisIsMyJoystick: Gran Turismo 5 review

Giuseppe Nelva of This is my Joystick gives an in-depth look to Gran Turismo 5.
The "real driving simulator" finally gets very near to be true to its subtitle.

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rekonizakilla3735d ago

what are you talking about?

Only bad reviews of gt5 are allowed. I hate when people who actually like driving games, review driving games.

jib3735d ago

fanboys aside, i don't get why so many people complain about the earlier review. so what if they didn't play it for 60 hours(or however long you think they should have played it)?

30 hours of gameplay in GT5 isn't that much different from 60 hours of it. i'd say you can get a pretty good grasp on how the game is going to be after 20 hours of play. there aren't going to be any significant changes after that

Abriael3735d ago

Aside from the fact that there are many challenges and areas of the game that you cannot access until you are higher level, aside from the fact that the early reviews are no longer relevant, because nowadays the first patch changes basically any game quite a lot. Many of the early reviews I read simply didn't put the minimum necessary time to actually know about the topic at hand. 20 hours of gameplay? it's a miracle if they got 5.

rekonizakilla3735d ago

You make a good point jib.

My only problem with some of the reviews were the people who complained that it was too unforgiving.

One review I read marked the game down for being too accurate around the nurburgring in comparison to forza, (which is a great game)where the track is much wider.
But yeah, I loved the game after 30 hr's play, and I'm gonna love it just as much at 60 hr's play i'm sure.

jib3734d ago

@abriael - all games get reviewed pre-patch. its the way it should be. why should big companies get a free pass trying to make more money by making the holidays and releasing an unpolished game? i'm not talking about the reviews that seem like they only got 5hours of play from it btw

@rekon - i agree. its a sim, its what you should expect. can't review something like a puzzle game and knock off points for it being too puzzle-y

TBM3735d ago

Man I love this game in december my system broke down and I lost everything (lvl 22) I did in this game.

I got system back in early January and quickly got back to (lvl 12) doing just licenses, and special events. Then I jumped straight into the seasonal races; shot up to (lvl 17, then 25) now im 27 closing in on 28.

I finished my 2nd of the first 3 endurance races and it tested my willpower to play it straight without quiting lol, next one im going for is the 4 hr roadster one.

Personally this game is a 10 for me, even with its faults. Best racing series ever.

TardcoreGamer3735d ago

BEST REVIEW OF GT5 YET! The man even proves how much he played the game in the beginning of the article. Wish more reviewers would be so bold.

Abriael3735d ago

I'm actually thinking to include this kind of information in all my reviews. I see too many media outlets slapping out reviews without giving any kind of information on how much the game has been played, while the contents of the review itself seem to indicate that the game has been played very little if at all.

xtremegamerage3735d ago

You know i'm actually surprised how much i'm in love with the Nurburgring in GT5.

It's a thing of beauty.