Kinect Hacks: Mapping the world

Joystiq: Homebrew Kinect software just passed the "cool" threshold into "a little scary," making Microsoft's camera device do things we shouldn't reasonably expect out of controllers. We couldn't use our Turbo Touch 360s to generate a 3D model of a stretch of road, complete with buildings and scenery, after all. Not that we ever tried.

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kissmeimgreek3736d ago

"Imagine this cheap DIY tech in the hands of indie devs, who could create levels by exploring in real life."

That would be so cool to see levels basically made in the real world. INDIE DEVS, DO WHAT YOU DO BEST!!! (which is impress me)

R2D23736d ago

Indies would do amazing stuff with Kinect but I think MS has not giving the Indies development kits for Kinect.

gamingdroid3736d ago

I think MS officially have said that XNA will eventually get Kinect support.

PickAShoe3736d ago

This might have a chance to compete with google earth

ASSASSYN 36o3736d ago ShowReplies(2)
topekomsi3736d ago

Brilliant, I am blown away by the mental capacity of some people. I mean what has to happen for a person a to go "aha that's how I can do it" . Really inspiring.

30sec3736d ago

I'd like to be blown away by Kinect GAMES on the 360.

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