Dead Space: Extraction is Deadlier With PlayStation Move

Hiding in the deepest corner of the galaxy — and in the vast recesses of your Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray next Tuesday — you can find Dead Space 2’s maniacal cousin Dead Space: Extraction. Decked out in luscious HD graphics, this PS3-exclusive edition of Dead Space: Extraction harnesses the precision of PlayStation Move to make lopping off Necromorph limbs easier than ever. In our new video, Dead Space producer Zach Mumbach explains why PlayStation Move is the ultimate weapon in Extraction.

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mantisimo4138d ago

Good to see this comes bundled with Dead space 2(special edition)

will give it a go, (surprisingly) enjoyed using move for Time crisis. (way too short though)

Never ever thought I'd hear myself say I enjoyed using move!

Pillage054138d ago

limited edition. Comes with every pre-ordered version.

Myth4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I do not believe the standard edition is getting Dead Space Extraction. Can anyone please tell me where their getting this information? I know the standard edition is getting Dead Space Ignition which is a motion comic game but not Extraction.

gillri4138d ago

this is when I like motion controls

Hallow4138d ago

It only comes with the collectors edition? Do I have to pay an extra $20 to play Extraction? Hope not, I thought it came with the PS3 version period.

guitarded774138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

It comes with the standard version which is the limited edition. There is also a collector's edition.

garrod4138d ago

It comes with any pre-ordered version for sure. I know it comes with the Limited edition as well which doesn't cost any extra because it is the standard version for the PS3. They said the limited edition would be out for only a short time and after it is sold out you'll have to buy Extraction separately offa PSN. Btw the Limited Edition is not to be confused with the Collector Edition. As I said before the limited edition will be the PS3 standard version till it's sold out.

nycredude4138d ago

yeah it is an incentive for gamers to preorder the game or pick it up early.

nycredude4138d ago

Can't wait for this. I love me some sp deadspace and then I will enjoy extraction with my wife with my two moves.

stuntman_mike4138d ago

got mine pre-ordered. I'm gonna rape me some bitches lol.

CobraKai4138d ago

Oh hell no. You did not put that as your avatar.

stuntman_mike4138d ago

dont even think about sweeping my leg!

CobraKai4138d ago

LMFAO!! But that's what I do!

stuntman_mike4137d ago

well i gues i'll have to use my shower curtain of invisibility to get passed you.

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