The top 10 multiplatform games of 2011

Atomic PC: We take on the difficult task of reducing an impressive line-up of 2011 titles to 10.

"It would've almost been possible to make a list of the top 10 first-person shooters and a very separate top 10 list of role-playing games, but we digress. It's time to put our final 10 where our proverbial mouth is, so in no particular order we give you..."

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hoops2829d ago

Some great looking games coming out

Shackdaddy8362829d ago

replace xcom with crysis 2 and its a pretty good list imo.

ProjectVulcan2829d ago

I fear for Xcom. Looks like a transplanted bioshock. That is not Xcom.

Shackdaddy8362829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Well, it just doesn't seem that fun to me. I really like the art but the gameplay seems slightly boring imo.(from the small amount I have read)

And I'm a really big fan of the Crysis series and I cant wait till Crysis 2 comes out. :) IDK why it wasnt on that list.

NachosWithCheese2829d ago

I cried a lot when I cut Crysis 2 from the final list... it was too much of a standard FPS for me (and I'd already included two others).

Relientk772829d ago

I'm looking forward to Rage

if Assassin's Creed 3 is comning out in 2011, that too

Ducky2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Driver: San Francisco...

I completely forgot about the game. Might be fun if they can pull it off right.
... though I think that spot on the list would've been more deserving to other games... such as Portal2.

Edit: Well, in that case, I'd take Portal2 over Homefront... but ofcourse, that's just personal opinion. Though putting Driver in that list wasn't all that bad as it reinvigorated my interest in the game. I had no idea it was even being released. =)

NachosWithCheese2829d ago

Portal 2 was hard for me to cut, too. I wanted to get some diversity in the top 10, otherwise it could have easily have been all FPS or all RPG.

Shackdaddy8362829d ago

I totally forgot about portal 2. Cant wait for that game.

dkgshiz2829d ago

Rage and TES5 are going to be insane. I'm really looking forward to see what Rage is all about. If its half as good as I think it will be. Then it should be an excellent game.

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