Racing-Related Games and Content on Sale on Xbox Live

Microsoft’s not very good at announcing these things. It seems like if you didn’t turn on your 360 or venture to the right place at the right time on the dashboard, you’d miss another great sale or contest. The latest mass themed discount is for a bundle of racing-related content on Xbox Live:

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Yi-Long2837d ago

... how will we still be able to re-download our purchase in a couple of years when needed!?

RogueCheddar2837d ago

Ah, the perils of digital games.

Blacktric2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

From your download list (or download history). I've downloaded Ragdoll Kung Fu from PSN a couple of months ago, when SPRINT was giving it away for free on US PSN Store. I can still access and download it from my PSN download list without having a problem.