Why can’t I make LittleBigPlanet levels that awesome?

With LittleBigPlanet 2 coming out next week one of PlayIt's writers jumped on LittleBigPlanet to get back into the world of Sackboy. He jumped online and it got him wondering about how people make such great levels which lead him to write a blog post on the topic.

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Joni-Ice3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Maybe making levels is not your thing, however you can enjoy user made anytime. There are millions to choose. Thats the beauty of LBP.

MikeyS17113022d ago

From what I have seen of LBP2 though, it looks like it will be a little easier to create levels so there is hope for me yet

MariaHelFutura3022d ago

The creation is more complex but less frustrating. The best things are the Microchips which store anything you`ve done before. So you don`t have to re-do ideas, you can store them on the Microchips and place them on whatever you want to create the same effects, this ranges from everything.....blocks to sackbots. It really is quite incredible. Also....I guarantee this idea came from one of the creators they hired.

ABizzel13021d ago

I'm in the same boat, I have a ton of ideas, but it's just too much work trying to do the most basic things. But I promise I will make at least 1 level in Little Big Planet 2. I definitely want to play around with the cinematic maker.

I got it, I'm going to make a Little Big Movie :D

thorstein3021d ago

I am in agreement with Maria. I think the new creation is more user friendly. I Beta'd this, then when the Beta ended, I went back to 1 and tried to do things that I took for granted in 2 and realized that 2's creation is much much nicer.

Spitfire_Riggz3021d ago

New Years Resolution: FINISH a level on LBP2 lol

thorstein3021d ago

One thing I do is take a "level" on my moon and make a workshop. I keep all sorts of "inventions" both successful and failures so I can work with them if I am inspired. It also gives me a chance to run a machine without the whole level "playing."

It is a neat place and I can "save" the ones I want to my popit. I also think that you have to go with a theme in order to make a terrific level. For example: pick a genre and setting and stick with it.

Let other games inspire you.....

Godmars2903022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Lack of perpetration and planning. Not drafting out what you want to do on paper, testing out the creator tools and mechanisms you wan to pull off, before you actually d it.

You can generally tells who does or doesn't do that within the first few minutes of playing.

MariaHelFutura3022d ago

Yep. I like to just mentally envision what you want to create for a couple days before attempting it.

Then smoke a spliff and get started.....

MajestieBeast3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Ahh so thats how the penis levels came to be all makes sense now. J/K

waltyftm3021d ago

I always do that, then end up making some death machine and losing my buzz, Please do not do this at home kids.

Shadow Flare3022d ago

Capability, patience and the time to build the level all come into it, but the most important thing by a distance I think is the imagination. Because it's the brilliant ideas which make levels stand out. If you have a good enough idea, it doesn't neccessarily have to be hard to build either. There's a series of levels on lbp called Cause & Effect, and basically it's one of those chain reaction domino effect type of set ups, and all you do is watch something work it's way across the level like that kids boardgame MouseTrap. But it's amazing and I imagine fairly easy and enjoyable to make. But what a great idea. The levels that impress me most are the ones which just amaze me/ confuse me as to how they built it/ make my jaw drop / or generally just stand aside from the rest of the levels as something incredible unique

Play RRR30000's levels. Of all the creators out there, he's the one I just have to applaud. He bended lbp like the friggin matrix.

blackburn53022d ago

Why so concerned? When you played with Lego, did you worry this much that your creations weren't perfect? Not everyone can make a masterpiece but the fun is trying to.

Azmacna3022d ago

anybody can make awesome levels, it just takes planning and patience

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