Xbox 360 and PS3 Comparison 2011 Edition

Titan Reviews compares in detail, the Xbox 360 and PS3. This is not a vs article, but a comparison of the 2 systems over the years. Take a look at the pros and cons of both consoles.

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MariaHelFutura2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Dance and play multiplats OR Play ALL the best games of the year.....Hmmmm.

shutupandplay2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Lets see if "ALL the best games" can push the PS3 out of last place.

Sure PS3 has improved, but so has the competition, and the competition is absolutely destroying it.

Op242838d ago

People like you need to just admit that the PS3 has improved very well since its release. There's no denying it.

MariaHelFutura2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

WOW...I was always under the impression that ballerina`s were pleasant people. I guess I was wrong.

Nitrowolf22838d ago

well shutupandplay

Last Place with tons of exclusives +Multiplat >>>>> Second place with so very few exclusive+same Multiplat

hell it makes no sense, i mean for a system in 3rd place would you expect it to have the least compared to the other consoles which sell more? I wonder how Sony has fewer system sold but more exclusive then Microsoft who have more system sold but so very few exclusive

MariaHelFutura2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

This guy has the best bio......

"A classic 360 fanboy for those that remember. I got bored of trolling, but I`ve been witnessing a huge surge of 360 ownage lately. The sales have skyrocketed, Reach has been massive, and Kinect will elevate the 360 even higher. Meanwhile the PS3 has literally been invisible, getting overshadowed by everything 360. The PS3 is the least desired console this generation, and I`m back to let everybody know that. Sales FTW."

My favorite part.

"I got bored of trolling, but I`ve been witnessing a huge surge of 360 ownage lately."

and of course this.

"I`m back to let everybody know that. Sales FTW"

ActionBastard2838d ago

Let's have a toast for the douchebags...

A change in the wind2838d ago

The worst part about his trolling is that he is wrong, lol.

Last we heard from official (OMG SALEZ) reports, the 360 was in a distant last for 2010. I would like to know where this guy gets his info, lol.

Deathstroke2838d ago

Lets see if being in second place can push some games onto the 360.

ps3360games2838d ago

ps3 to paly games

xbox 360 to play sales

Brewski0072838d ago

New Year , same old flame articles.

RageAgainstTheMShine2838d ago

As long as the Xbox 3fixme PR douchebaggery, misinformation & propaganda machinery continues to infest the Internet & corrupt the video games industry , sensible gamers will stay vigilant no matter what the cost.

Can you just imagine how it will be for gamers if Microsoft controls the video game industry & have their way?

No Sony, no Nintendo, no PC.

M$ will suck every gamer penniless with Xbox !eviL

SpinalRemains1382837d ago

destroying it? How? By selling less machines in the same time span?

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acere2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

dont compare last generation hardware to current. still

Op242838d ago

the article compares the system from when they were released to now.

Kon2838d ago

People still agree with him...

Kran2838d ago

Look, ill admit that the PS3 has the best content this year, but can people just shut up? It really makes you all look stupid if you all keep saying "Ohh do i go for a 360, with hardly any exclusives and all multiplats, or the PS3 with multiplats and exclusives"

It seriously makes you all sound like idiots, and it just turns you into trolls.

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maxcer2838d ago

"Ohh do i go for a 360, with hardly any exclusives and all multiplats, or the PS3 with multiplats and exclusives"

if people are thinking about getting a 360/ps3 this late in the game im positive they don't frequent his site or really care that much about exclusives. i'd say its more about what system their friends have. so i wouldn't try to convince them otherwise unless what want to look like a fanboy douche.

Masterchef20072838d ago

pretty good article and i agree with the author that the PS3 usually offers a better selection of exclusive titles. However even though multiplats have improved a lot over the last few years some devs need to work on the PS3 version more. Such devs are Ninja Theory and Treyarch (though treyarch screwed up the ps3 version of black ops on purpose)

Op242838d ago

yup thats why I said that multiplats need to be improved on the ps3

WesMcLaren2837d ago

Many are better on ps3...AC, Dead Space, FF13, NFS, MoH, etc...

Masterchef20072837d ago

While that is true for many multiplats. Every once in a while a devs lays a golden turd on the PS3. Seriously its been what 4 years since the console has been out so they should already have the hang of dev games well for it. So any inferior multiplat that comes out is due to the devs being lazy.