Xbox 360 Console & Accessories Price Slashed

The retail price of the Xbox 360 consoles has been fluctuating wildly of late, with retailers offering all sorts of discounts and bundle deals. Though the official recommended retail price (RRP) set by Microsoft has not changed, there are many cheaper solutions out there. Some, as in this instance, have even seen the console drop below that fabled £100 entry price point.

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slavish33451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

$99 for the 4gb model would be crazy. They may actually reach the wii's total sells numbers

ceedubya93451d ago

At that price, I would definitely buy another one.

DarkTower8053451d ago

That'd be my price point to buy.i thought about getting a used $99 360 at Gamestop this last weekend but opted for the Socom full deployment move bundle instead. I still want to play Alan Wake, Gears 1-3, and L4D 1-2 though.

shaun mcwayne3450d ago

its worth picking up for l4d alone. it rocks

Queefy_B3450d ago

$99 for the 4gb model would be crazy. They may actually reach the wii's total sells numbers

Its cheap tat for cheap people might aswell say it like it is.

Blaze9293451d ago

$100 for a gaming system is pretty damn crazy. If Microsoft does that with the 4GB model that's ultimate win. No one would be able to truly turn that down.

But if anything, seems to me they will phase out all systems that do not come with kinect until eventually, your only option is to buy a console that comes with Kinect. 4GB Kinect or 250GB Kinect. Or some other HDD size

user83971443451d ago

I don't think they going to slash it to 100 because they want to make more profit. The 360 is already selling good.

Wikkid6663451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Right now the going exchange rate that would be $158 US... so if it's price drop it would probably go to $50 off each sku.

Klaykid1233451d ago

I'd buy one for 150 bucks. They're already 200 for the 4gb online. Not too shabby.

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