THQ reveals first images of Fantastic Pets for the Microsoft Kinect

Ian Fisher writes: THQ didn’t do themselves any favors by not releasing any media for Fantastic Pets to accompany the reveal back in October, but on the heels of THQ’s upcoming New York based press event we finally have our first look at THQ’s first IP release for the Kinect.

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Quagmire2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Dear just doesnt stop does it?

Even NPH is freaking out:

ManGastaS2889d ago

200+ million hardcore gamers in the world against 5 billion casual gamers!

You welcome THQ

Bigpappy2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Just as hardcore as that little doll in your avatar "Focker".

Focker4202889d ago

Not only is it the boy from ICO, buts its also sackboy. You try and tell him hes not hardcore...

strickers2889d ago

Ico and LBP combined are casual???
That is the best argument from Bigpappy yet.
Well done!
Bubbles for Focker.

R2D22889d ago

Aww Focker like to play with dolls and dress them up.

Let me guess your doll has a gun that shoots bubble gum and he bleeds icecream : )

cereal_killa2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

He's no longer bigpappy he's CAAPPPPTAIN KINNNNNECT!!!!

Slayer of Sony and there fans, A master of Sales able to leap and troll every thread and spread the word for M$.


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btk2890d ago

Tamagotchi HD. Seems like this virtual pet games is becoming like Sims. When are we going to see virtual Barbie and Ken?

ps3360games2890d ago

how casual can you get ms.

Kon2889d ago

Hahahaha what the shit is that? You can't get any lower MS.

ComboBreaker2889d ago

Microsoft: "Is that a challenge?!"

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