MAG: One Year On

I was there in that fateful month of January 2010. Never before had I seen such carnage; such madness, and so many damn snipers. Had I been shipped abroad to fight in the war? No – I was playing Zipper Interactive’s online only FPS ‘MAG’. Yes, rather unbelievably MAG is a year old this month so TSA is taking the opportunity to take a look at what’s changed over the last twelve months

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slinky1234564521d ago

i for one have always loved M.A.G.

iamnsuperman4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

Jealous. I have never had an opportunity to get MAG. Last year my halls wouldn't allow online play on the PS3 and this year there too many games coming out to afford MAG.

captain-obvious4521d ago

i love this game
but what i really hate is those GIGANTIC updates
thats my turn off

i have the game
haven't played it in a long time
every time i pop it in there is like a 3 gig update
so i turn it off
my internet is not that fast so updates like this could easily take at least 24 hours to finish

Joni-Ice4521d ago

MAG is like $10 used now. I seen it on Amazon for that price.

BiggCMan4521d ago

"I had heard so many positive comments that I went out and purchased the game again recently to give it a second chance."
I don't understand how people can sell their games and get such a small amount less than what they payed for. I keep everything I buy because I like having a collection, and having variety. I also love going back to older games. On topic though, MAG is much better since 2.0 but was never bad in the first place.

wu-stix4521d ago

I put in over 300 hours into MAG and sold it a month after it came out. I got $45 for it so basically I got a month rental. I bought it day one and got to a point where I knew it would take at least a few hundred more hours until I earned all the trophies (75%) so I sold it. It just sucks that after I quit playing they made it so casual. I mean some of the trophies were a little hard to get but not SOCOM hard. The levelling system was great before. I think I might give it a try again since I have PS plus.

pixelsword4521d ago (Edited 4521d ago )

After a lot of work (and some yelling) I eventually got a platinum a few weeks ago.


ThanatosDMC4520d ago

RIP Extended Knife Reach... My 25% knife kill rate per month will be missed. Now, it's at 4% per month.

remanutd554521d ago

man , only 1 medal to get my platinum trophy , im doing 2 at the same time , i have 92 wins as a squad leader = 8 to go and i have 603 kills with the bunker turret = 397 to go

jut4204521d ago

Good luck man! I've maxed out my SVER and Valor character and I'm only at 44% trophy completion.

zootang4521d ago

Maxed out valor and raven and at about 40% as well :( Reman what's your secret?

remanutd554521d ago

thanks Jut420 , yea i have done all that , you guys got to remember theres like 6 DLC trophies in there , they dont count in the platinum trophy , i dont have any of those but they dont count for the platinum trophy , i do have all DLC though .

at zootang , you have to keep looking at your stats , you only need 1,000 kills with each weapon , dont overused 1 weapon keep changing them and start using your repair kit to repair bunkers , roadblocks , triple As , mortal batteries , sensor arrays etc , when you guys are attacking dont think twice go for 1 of the side bunkers and dont stop at the bunker or the Triple A , start planting on the Motor pools , then the sensor array then the mortal battery then you go for the triple A , thats how i got everything , stop using the weapon you feel more comfortable with , you have to learn how to use each weapon to the max , if i can do it with my playstation move i know you guys can do it with the dualshock 3 ( its a lot easier to play the game with it ) , just keep checking your stats

BlackTar1874521d ago

well i loved the game but i got close to the platinum before the nerfed all the requirements to much lower. I loved the game but i went thru every faction once and SVER 3 times. So by the time the patch came out i uploaded to see what i had i was missing basically the 1000kills with the turret gunner and i had to repair a couple more roadblocks but i was done with the game i have about 70% of the trophies but ill probably never go back to MAG but i did love it for a long time.

i just wish we could get some sort of clan war going in that game but oh well.

If you can fill the room you should be able to Clan war but that's just me.

Joni-Ice4521d ago

All you need is 58 Medals Just get the easier madels.

remanutd554521d ago

lmao 58 out of 60 , just get the easier ones lol , no but seriously leave 1 that you think its easy to get for last , im having a hard time getting my last medal because i think the ones i need arent easy at all but i will get it eventually

ThanatosDMC4520d ago (Edited 4520d ago )

Damn, you actually have more bunker turret kills than i do. I cant stand being inside the bunker waiting for kills.

remanutd554520d ago

lol i just got my platinum!!!!! now its GT 5 time !!!!!

ThanatosDMC4520d ago

I need to actually use my Repair Kit to get the rest of my medals.

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crazyturkey4521d ago

I Love MAG. After MAG 2.0 though, the game keeps crashing on me very often. Also a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted my MAG character so all of my stats are gone and I was so close to getting my last medal for that last gold trophy and the platinum.
Anyways MAG is one of the most interesting FPS this generation and its focus on team work is very satisfying when the teams work well and very frustrating when they don't.

pixelsword4521d ago

try getting rid of any demos and extra stuff, and copy your save games to a flash drive.

IF saving the demos didn't help you, and if you are desperate, try erasing the game data and download it again (long, I know, but it may help)

rugis4521d ago

The crashing usually comes from playing DOMO right? This has been addressed on the MAG forums. Something along the lines of, "the PS3 runs out of memory."

ThanatosDMC4520d ago

MAG 2.0 was jack full of DOM crashes till they patched it to 2.01. Try it again.

younglj014521d ago

MAG is a great game 850+ hours and 1 medal shy of my platinum trophy.This will be tha 1st game I ever tried so hard to get a platinum trophy in ;)

MsmackyM4521d ago

M.A.G. either love it or hate it. The one game thats been clocking the most hours on my PS3. I even bought the HDD copy just to conserve spins from BRDD.

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