Namco’s listening: tell them you want Tales!

Scrawl: "After months of fans spamming Namco Bandai’s Facebook page with requests for new Tales games in the western hemisphere, Namco Bandai community manager Rich Bantegui has stepped up and said he’s “taking notes“."

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Spenok4035d ago

Hell yea, i really hope something good comes out of this.

Cloudberry4035d ago

Hope we will see Xilia & others in English too.

Godmars2904035d ago

You know, "taking notes" does not sound anything like, "its going to happen." The utter failure to put Verperia on the PS3 in the West says as much. Screams of past and likely future moves of stupidity.

FrigidDARKNESS4035d ago

This is never going to happen due to the favt that Namco hasn't done jack squat in the 2 years listening to ps3 gamers asking for these games. The thing is these games are for a niche market and probably sell less than a 100,000k copies. If Namco wants these titles to sell more they would have to make it multi-plat and let MS do all the marketing.

Godmars2904035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

But then they'd only be for the 360.

That sort of defeats the purpose of PS3 owners asking for it on their system, don't you think?

FrigidDARKNESS4035d ago

Gamers are forgetting that Namco are in this to make money not to satisfy our thirst for a game that not going to sell much.

Godmars2904035d ago

And your argument lends towards not putting it the game on all available platforms how?

Nevermind that when they have put tales games on other platforms lately they've gone to the trouble of adding content, both adding to expenses while excluding the prior install base. That to put Vesperia on Western PS3s all they have to do is go back to already done voice tracks.

They're just full of contradictions.

Redempteur4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

they can't just use the old ENGLISH voices ...believe me there is just so much new, new events and voices to adapt. Patty and flynn weren't just added to the sides they have a good parts in the conversation, not to mention the new events , the new artes ...

Using the old English track is impossible just redo it from the start , or use the japanese track , there is no other option.

i've played so far on PS3 version up to the end of act2 , and so far they added 2 NEW STORY dongeons, and modified 3 previous ones with new events ( like the ghost ship with patty ) and don't even get me started on the skits ...Even on regular story event , they added lots of new lines ( a lot )

FrigidDARKNESS4035d ago

Tales game didn't sell much on the Wii and that console has a much larger install base than the 360 and ps3. I didn;t make myself clear if Namco make Tales Of Grace fF a multiplat for the ps3 and 360 and let ms pay for the Marketing it will sell more copies in the Western Hemisphere.

CrescentFang4035d ago

I don't think anime like art will ever get popular with the masses, sorry IMO...

But Namco has only tired a few times to bring over Tales games and they usually fail because on their own part...

Good idea though we just need to figure out how it'll work, because i guess most got a 360 (that are Tales fans) and have Vesperia too

4035d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.