The 10 Best Games in the Tales Series

The Tales games may be less recognizable than the Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games, but that doesn't mean that they aren't worth playing!

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PhoenixUp1223d ago

I’ve been hooked on the series ever since playing Tales of Xillia

jznrpg1223d ago

I hope they remaster or port a lot of the older games of the series to PS4/PS5

Immagaiden1223d ago

“Tales series is considered one of the top three Japanese RPG series next to RPG giants like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.”

How you gonna talk about the top three JRPG franchises and not mention Pokémon, the top selling series in the genre?

This is how the top JRPG series stack up

1. Pokémon - 340M
2. Final Fantasy - 144M
3. Dragon Quest - 78M
4. Monster Hunter - 52M
5. Kingdom Hearts - 30M
6. Souls - 25M
7. Tales of - 20M