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OtterX36d ago

I really enjoyed this article, it was a good read. This quote gave me a chuckle, because it's true!:

"Pretty much every JRPG involves the player’s characters going from barely being able to lift a sword to killing God"

indysurfn35d ago

LOL...exaggeration but I get your just making a point. No one can Kill God. Don't drink Satan's cool-aide he is just trying to recruit you (backwards recruit)

Tross35d ago

He probably only has the grape kind anyways. All the folk up in heaven surely hog all the good flavours.

BrainSyphoned35d ago

Final Fantasy 15 the ultimate delayed game with delayed story dlc shoveled in at the last second. Doesn’t ring the gratifying bell when I see that stupid car at all. Article+thumbnail is like describing a 5star meal while watching your cat clean its backside.

ZeroBlue235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Currently playing Trails From Zero, and like every other game in the LoH series, I'm about 60 hours in and barely anything has happened yet, yet it somehow manages to be fun and engaging despite this. If Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel were any indication, the payoff will be more than worth it. I've never seen better world building in a Jrpg.

indysurfn35d ago

Now THAT was a good and true statement.. Which one? ALL OF YOUR statements ! LOL I If there is ever even just ONE of their games on a system I didnt want....and I had to wait only one month for it to come out on another system.....I would pay $1,000 dollars to get that system and the game a month early. Since it is likely going to be close to a 200 hour game I will still be playing when everyone else gets it!

Speaking of....last year I saw several people buy "the Legend of hereos Trails of cold steel 3" off of and they got it about a month ahead of the release date. They only offered the special edition early at that time $99. So I bought it and still got it over 3 weeks early. If I was you Id do it this your too. I already have they have a limited stock but 'chances' are they will get a second batch.

indysurfn35d ago

meant to say.......:" If I was you Id do it this YEAR too"...instead of this YOUR too.

Razmiran35d ago

Legend of heroes is on a league of its own when it comes to worldbuilding
The only "bad" (not really) part is that to see the full effect of the payoff you will probably have to wait till Azure is translated

ZeroBlue235d ago

Yeah, hopefully the increased popularity will fastpace that though.

indysurfn35d ago

Right on Razmiran...The best game series on the PLANET.

nommers35d ago

More specifically I would say JRPGs are progressive gratification. Basically like listening to prog music vs anything else which imo is the best. Even if a JRPG is all about the journey, generally speaking JRPGs keep getting better as opposed to other games which usually have their high points come in either too soon, or the best parts just aren't nearly as impactful.

indysurfn35d ago

Also don't forget the direct comparison that the old Square Enix president made. He said Western players like TWITCH games and eastern players love Cerebral games. Now it was taken as a racist slam. But he meant it as one of the reasons outside of development time and cost return on investment(ROI). But he had a true point people here are TRAINED to like instant stuff. And people there are trained to like delayed over the top stuff. It is not a intelligence slam. I'm glad I LOVE the later gratification! Because it is way better!

iofhua235d ago

I like JRPG's for the big anime tiddies.

indysurfn34d ago

lol.....I stand corrected!

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