New Footage of MLB 11 The Show features Rain

Operation sports has uploaded a new video, shot at CES 2011, showing Rain during play.

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Boody-Bandit4802d ago

And in 3D!!!
So pumped for 3D!
I wish my freaking set would get here already.
Freaking snow storm screwed up my arrival time by a week.

Commander_TK4802d ago

Rain? Lol, that's pretty much what Fifa has been doing since 04 or something

Bnet3434801d ago

Wow ... just looking at the game offscreen, when the player was stepping up to the batters box, it looks like real life. go yankees ... :)

theIMP4802d ago

I thought in baseball if it started raining they quit until it stopped. I never knew they played through it in real life.

metsgaming4801d ago

they play threw light rain but if its anything significant they go into a rain delay.

btk4802d ago

This game begs for Move controller support...

PyReX-4802d ago

You can only use move for the HR derby.

nycredude4802d ago

I know it's impossible to make the game completely Move support die to battle stance of official players. What they should do though is allow you to make your own player only that player could support move. It would be funny to see some funky batter stances while you play. Also making it supported in road to the show would be great also.

Mario204802d ago

This game would play better with Kinect..

SKUD4802d ago

This game would play better on the PC...

Seijoru4802d ago

What, so you can swing your arm like an idiot and then watch as the bat swings 3 seconds later?

Mario204802d ago

so you can pitch your move controller into your tv?

blumatt4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

Yeah, ok. lol Most people would probably like 1:1 motion and something in their hand when they play it, so Move is the best choice. Of course, I see MS eventually releasing their own peripheral to go with Kinect. It's inevitable.
On topic, rain sounds like a pretty cool addition.

Seijoru4802d ago

They have a strap for a reason.

Mario204802d ago Show
Craptain_Steel4802d ago

Reported for personal attack lololol

And they don't even sell this game in the UK, D:

Adva4802d ago

Immature kid in his fantasy land where he sees all of this immature items

nycredude4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )


You obviously haven't used the Move before. I've had it since launch and the ergonomics are far superior to any other motion controller on the market. NEVER once did I feel like it would slip out of my hands. In fact the straps aren't even necessary. Stop talking out of your ass. Kinect wouldn't work on this game 1) it lags way too much for baseball sim, and 2) this is an exclusive, which isn't available on MS Kinectbox 360.

I know havig no games but Kinect games suck and having no money to buy a good gaming machine sucks too but try not to take it too hard.

tawak4802d ago

This game would play better with game-boy 1st gen..

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StarScream4Ever4802d ago

I'm not a follower of baseball but don't they usually postpone games during rain?

jukins4802d ago

not all the time if its not a torrential downpour or heavy rain or lightning storm they pretty play anything after 5 innings or something like that counts as a game. could be fun to play a game like that

saint_john_paul_ii4802d ago (Edited 4802d ago )

it depends on how hard the rain is falling to Postpone/cancel the game.

The baseball game becomes an official Game after the 6th inning. so if its raining hard after the 6th inning and your team is losing, the umpire could could call the it game over for you before the 9th.