Gametrailers: Best Sports Game 2011

Gametrailers: The top contenders took the field again in 2011, but which can boast the title of best? Find out in the GameTrailers Game of the Year Award for Best Sports Game!

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Yi-Long3806d ago

...I don't know. I have it, I play it almost daily, and I'm a big football fan...

... BUT...

... it's too frustrating at times when playing the (cheating) CPU, plus the AI of you teammates can be infuriating at times. That, coupled with a collission-engine that still clearly needs work, means that for me, it's more still a work in progress, rather than the perfect football game.

Plus, replays could be better, faces should be better, there's STILL no proper player-editor, and the amount of screens and menu's you have to click through before getting where you want to be, which is on the pitch, is just too much.

It's a good game, but many of the criticisms you can throw at it, have been there for years now, and thus should already have been fixed.