Four EA Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

In the not too distant past, EA had franchises that were loved by fans and successful. Here is's top 4 EA franchises that need to make a comeback.

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NecrumOddBoy37d ago

I know it's in the middle of some sort of Ip ownership / publisher boondoggle but I would love to see another Kingdoms of Amalur created by whoever can make it happen

L7CHAPEL37d ago

well I got good news/bad news for you:
the IP was acquired by THQ Nordic (as has a lot of other IP) the problem being, that they've said not every IP that they acquire is going to wind up spawning a sequel or a game, and that they are going to gauge the market slowly to see what happens.
I would think that means we're not going to see anything soon.
the problem with kingdoms of Amalur is that although it was very highly lauded and highly praised,
it did not sell well at all, and neither have a lot of other THQ Nordic offerings over the past 2 years.
it seems like the studios development prowess underneath them, aren't quite matching their ambition.
they're releasing a lot buggy unfinished mediocre things, that just aren't doing well, and that's not going to get more games made.
To date Darksiders 3 has been one of their strongest launches, and that has met with some controversy... and then of course there's Elix, and a few others, which did not fare well at all...

Bo4lox38d ago

I liked the army of two games..

L7CHAPEL37d ago

Last one was the best of the three👍 a ton of fun to play,
great customization, controlled well, looked really well, and it was obvious when they released it that they weren't going to release any more after that, because they pulled the budget basically let the studio know, the last year before it came out,
that was going to be it, and they weren't getting any more budget money, either... 😱
it's a shame, because they really did something great with the third game, and it should have gone forward...

SlagWolf37d ago

This is the one game I would like to see but EA will find a way to screw it up like they do every thing else they get thier hands on

Seraphim37d ago

that's the only one I would have wanted to see. But since Visceral was closed I don't see any EA team being able to due the IP justice. Dead Space is an IP that needs to be made though!!

Relientk7738d ago

LotR: Battle for Middle Earth

Hell yeah

-Foxtrot37d ago

Do people really want them to return under EA of today? They ruin anything they touch.

37d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.