Four EA Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

In the not too distant past, EA had franchises that were loved by fans and successful. Here is's top 4 EA franchises that need to make a comeback.

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NecrumOddBoy495d ago

I know it's in the middle of some sort of Ip ownership / publisher boondoggle but I would love to see another Kingdoms of Amalur created by whoever can make it happen

495d ago
Bo4lox496d ago

I liked the army of two games..

495d ago
SlagWolf495d ago

This is the one game I would like to see but EA will find a way to screw it up like they do every thing else they get thier hands on

Seraphim495d ago

that's the only one I would have wanted to see. But since Visceral was closed I don't see any EA team being able to due the IP justice. Dead Space is an IP that needs to be made though!!

Relientk77496d ago

LotR: Battle for Middle Earth

Hell yeah

-Foxtrot496d ago

Do people really want them to return under EA of today? They ruin anything they touch.

495d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.