2011: Kinect Vs Move

"The figures are in and it seems Kinect is dominating the market with 8 million sales over Move’s 4 million, despite the PS3 motion controller having a full month’s head start. But it’s early yet, so we look at the year ahead to see what’s in store for Kinect and Move."

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Rainstorm813859d ago

In the very cnet article Sony said sold to retailers 4.1 mil and MS said 2.5 sold to customers.

Why does wach company keep flip flopping stats just to fit the current PR hype? Sold-through, Sold in, Shipped, and Sold... all to mask true figures. This is why sales should NEVER matter to gamers its ALL PR talk.

Since this article belives the one month (DEC) MS sold 5.5 mil kinects and Sony didnt sell 1 move controller.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Leave the sales games to the corporate guys, with the charts and graphs

TimmyShire3859d ago

You must not have read the article then. It doesn't discuss sales at any point except the opening intro, everything else is what gamers can expect from either Kinect or Move in 2011.

Rainstorm813859d ago

"The figures are in and it seems Kinect is dominating the market with 8 million sales over Move’s 4 million, despite the PS3 motion controller having a full month’s head start."

Once i read that opening sentence i knew there wasnt much journalism to be found here.... starting an artice with non-definative numbers when something more relavant couldve sufficed. As you said it supposed to be a preview of 2011 motion line up for Move and Kinect.

Whatever you gotta do for hits i guess

jetlian3858d ago

Sony sold during dec just no one knows if they surpassed the 4.1 shipped earlier. MS went from a sold(guaranteed sale) of 2.5 to who knows 8 million shipped.

The longer sony waits to release numbers the more it will seem they haven't passed 4.1 million.

TBM3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

does anyone find it strange that 360 news is predominantly kinect news, and actually less about game news is coming out?

i mean even with Move were still hearing what games are coming out for PS3. hell even the news we hear about wii is actually about games, and not their control scheme.

just browsing the first 3 pages of this site is off putting with news of only kinect and no mention of new IPs, or any other games for the 360.

Bigpappy3858d ago

Well that would be because the Move seems dormant at this point. The games for it are not charting and Sony is not releasing any new info for it. Kinect on the other hand is receiving positive press on how well it is selling and the games are charting rather high for only having about 7mil in customers hands so far (High attach rate. Sale are and endorsement buy the public for what they prefer. Ignoring sales is stupid.

TBM3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )


I'm not worried about the games for the Move because i know they'll eventually come, but at least we are still getting news about actual core games for the PS3, and even the Wii in which we still heard about games not just its control scheme.

i would like to know what other games are coming to the 360 besides causal game crap, or sequels we already know about.

personally even though i own the Move that is not the only gaming news i care to hear. even though those games (use term loosely) chart high that doesn't mean that is what im looking forward too on my 360.

RedRedSuitSDF3858d ago

You must not look on the right sites then. I see games coming out every where besides Kinect stuff for the 360. It's going to be a great year for gaming.

cereal_killa3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Really miDnIghtEr20C why don't you post these so called games you see coming out from these "other sites"? what! what's that your talking out your a$$ again from imagination land. All ive seen so far is Kinect games thats it so please prove us wrong.

And BigPapy please do us all a favor and STFU all your ranting will not get you a job at M$. Sony doesn't need Move to survive anything, right now they deliver so many great games year after year that adding Move support to them with some exclusive games is an added bonus for people who have it same thing can't be said about M$ it seem the only way your going to play anything exclusive on the 360 is to buy Kinec, M$ knows just how to screw with you brainwashed Muppets and you accept it not matter what.

"you want to play new M$ games you'll have to dump your old xbox for a new one"

"you want to play exclusive games in the year 2011 you'll have to buy Kinect to do that"

I really hate to see what happens when they release a new system chances are they're going to do the same thing they did with the old Xbox.

snaz273858d ago

bigpappy lol... Kinnect is receiving positive press about the sales? Ha ha ha... Really? Is this what kinnect has become? A sales machine!?... How about positive press about the actual hardware? Go check out some reviews on meta... 9 out of ten say its cool for kids but its unresponsive and you need a rather large play area... This is what should matter to us! Shareholders care about sales! Us gamers should care about quality!

Bigpappy3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@cereal: "F" off! End of comment.

@snaz27? You actually got that right. Kinect is a sales machine for M$. You rely on reviews way to much to tell you how you should spend your money. Why don't you visit one of the many stores that have it on display for you to try, and see how unresponsive it really is and how much space it requires. It is time to grow up and stop being a sheep. Don't rely on other peoples opions to form one of your own, because at the end of it, you never really had one. Got my drift?

For those who are saying 360 will have only Kinect games, I will list a few I am looking forward to and you can let me know if those are not games that the core gamers would love to play.

Ghost Recon; Two Worlds 2; Mass Effect3; Elder Scrolls5; Dragon age 2; Saint Row3; ...


Biggest3858d ago

Oh nice! Bigpappy is talking about the awesome games that'll be on my PS3 at some point! I knew you weren't only about Kinect, Bigpappy.

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Rageanitus3858d ago

They flip flop depending on the timing....that is the beauty about stats .... it all depends hwo well they want to advertise to the shareholders.

Sold to the retail stores meaning actual money made by the company.... sold to the consumer shows there is demand and there might be more sales the retails in the future.

jneul3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

aslong as the guys doing the charts aint vgchartz count me in, also people who say sony have not sold anything because they aint reported sales are just sad, sony is not going to update us on move sales every single month you know, the release has passed i don't expect to hear anymore more sales for a while, until we get ps3 shipment figures that is

EVILDEAD3603858d ago

2010 is in the books and it's clear that out of the two devices, Kinect had the steepest hill to climb.

The Fan bloggers and haters tried to convince the world for a year and a half that Kinect was going to flop and no one would buy it.

Now fast forward and Kinect is overwhelmingly a huge success and it's got the haters losing their minds (on a daily basis)

I own em' both..and spent wayyy too much money on both..

But I will keep it 100% real about both systems


Micrsoft hit a home run..the word of mouth and reponse is Wii-like..the nuimbers will climb thoughout 2011

The launch games proved perfect but Micrsoft has to once again hit it out of the park for E3. Ignore the haters, Microsoft has to take it upon itself to prove that Kinect can provide a gaming experience that can draw the masses. Between Micrsoft and 3rd party if post E3, Kinect has at least 3 or 4 must-buy titles Kinect will break it's own records next holiday and push the 360 to it's best year since..2010


It's clear that Sport Champions was the the shining beam of light for Move. It's fun and honestly is the best reason right now to buy two controllers.

You can determine for yourself how successful you belive Move is, but it is clear that if SOCOM was actually ready for launch or even for 2010 period, Move would have been a dominant force.

It's clear that Sony's strategy of using Move as an alternate controller for games is where they feel Move will have the most success.

But, if you use the 2010 as an example then just like Kinect, Move still has alot to prove. The reason is in 2011, Move has to prove that using the Move for those games actually enhance the gaming experience beyond the DS3.

Tiger Woods, NBA 2K11, and MAG are examples of where the controller far exceeds playing with Move.

I love and play Sports Champions, Start the Party and my NEW favorite Dart game of ALL time..PSNs Top Darts.

But 2011, Killzone 3 HAS to prove that FPS with Move is as fun as the controller. In fact, if K3 really does have Move only multi-player games then that is a huge start.

The 3rd party developers like EA HAVE to stop simply 'tacking' on Move compatability and take it F-ing serious. Make the Move experience as flawless as it is with the DS3 and Move will shine and bring in additional sales for their titles.

If the K3 Move experience rules, SOCOM follows in it's footsteps and Sorcery isn't simply a Harry Potter game w/ Move compatibility then Sony's Move will have a record year for the device as well.

Only time will tell..can't wait to see how it all shakes out


NateCole3858d ago

Its going to bit MS in the ass in this year with them stuffing the retail chanel from last year. Similar to what they did with the x360.

What MS is really hoping for is for the christmas momentumn but i doubt that will happen.

The Kinetic is really only popular in NA. I don't see MS sustaining Kinetic sales on a global scale.

EVILDEAD3603858d ago

LOL @ you not even convincing yourself tha this statement is true

If the Xbox was ONLY poplular in NA it wouldn't be in the position it is in..

The fact is Japan is the ONLY terretory when the difffence in sales is extremely in favor of the PS3..which is perfect for both the PS3 and the 360..

The 360 dominating NA and staying neck and neck in Europe means that the biggest territories means the 360 can maximize 1st and 3rd party software success for it's biggest games

The PS3 selling without comp in Japan means Sony can use those numbers to drive the hardware sales in favor of the PS3. But, Japan has and always will be a non-factor for the biggest western games.

Either way, Kinect numbers are not simply coming out of NA as well and there is no reason why sales won't continue for it as well as Move..


nycredude3858d ago


Evil wake me up when there is some gaming news and you guys start talking about what matters to us, games.

EVILDEAD3603858d ago

Evil wake me up when there is some gaming news and you guys start talking about what matters to us, games.

Actually, you might need to wake up play some of the games you pretend to talk about and maybe you'd stop trolling..because that's what really matters to you

You got a 'problem' with the 'news' then adresss it with the site (N4G right?) or the author of the article..


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DelbertGrady3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

NowGamer is the gonnorrhea of videogame journalism. You guys make HHG look like a genius.

Tommykrem3858d ago

Nobody makes HHG look like a genius on my watch!

YOUR-MUM3858d ago

Another gaming site added to a fanboys black list.

iamnsuperman3858d ago

All I hope for is that Move works as well as it looks for Socom and Killzone.

Matthew943858d ago

lol i loved how fanboys said no one would buy kinect and its selling twice as much!

SWORDF1SH3858d ago

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DaTruth3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

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