Warhawk update Friday September 14th (5am to 7 am PDT)

Incognito will be deploying another server-side update and system restart during a maintenance window of 5am to 7am PDT. on Friday.

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TheExecutive6014d ago

My stats havent updated since 9/8... I hope they get it fixed tomorrow.

SnakeDiesinMGS46014d ago

Just sell your copy. I already did. The Gamespot near my house said that alot of people are returning their copy of Warhawk. This game has way to many problems. Looks like I'm back to Resistance.

CaliGamer6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

People really like to jump the gun, I could see if a game was out for say a whole month. But it is their choice to be quick to make decisions. Talk about a hair trigger.

On further inspection I see that you have no gamertag what so ever, and checking your post history you do seem to have an affinity for badmouthing the PS3 every chance you get. I take back my comment about you having a hair trigger and I will now just label you a grade a fool. As someone state, you really do need to get a better outlet to occupy your time rather than busying yourself with the task of bringing down the PS3.
There is something called a social life, and friends, perhaps you aught to look into them, step one for you would be to stop being such a prick and perhaps talking to real people and moving out of your parents basement. Pathetic.

TheExecutive6014d ago

lol.... I would rather play warhawk with no stats then go back to resistance. I have played resistance so much I will never play it again. When warhawk fixes their stats issue I will be playing the premiere online MP for any console while you will go back and buy it later on...

r10006014d ago

theExecutive, I hear ya man... I feel the same way, I played so much resistance I'm sick of it... I don't think I will play resistance again until part two comes out...

Watkins6014d ago

He's just an xbot, nothing to care about.

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plexdk6014d ago

who cares about stats... Its still a fun game to play, i've been playing ever since it came out ;)

Cloud Strife6014d ago

Just look at all the past posts he has made on this site.dude u need to get a life and stop trolling sites to bad mouth games just because its is doing so well on a console that you seem to dislike so much that u would post 7 negative comments in a row on.

Blitzed6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

Darth Vadar- "Of course it sold well, THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO GET ON A PS3!!! HAHA YOU IDIOTS!!! If this game was on the 360 it wouldn't sell well because there are better choices."

This is the second time he posted about Gamespot, and now he is trying to convince people to sell thier copy of Warhawk.
Nothing but a fanboy...

Cloud Strife6014d ago

i joined this website thinking it would be a place i could at lease get good info on upcoming news on games.but for the most part these past two weeks all ive seen is a bunch of utter fanbois nonsense.

Megaton6014d ago

I definitely agree with that. I joined this week hoping for a change of pace from the other fanboy infested forums. Not much of a difference here, unfortunately, but I guess I'm just searching for something that doesn't exist.

Gaming forum without fanboys? That's the stuff legends are made of...

Blitzed6014d ago (Edited 6014d ago )

I feel the same way. I hope these fanboys are getting paid, because I have never seen such rabid brand loyalty. I often wonder if it is a US vs. Japan thing although I see it here in Canada and in Europe too. The other day I saw a guy in Best Buy ripping on the PS3 and touting the Xbox360 to his buddy. They spent the whole time in the PS3 section criticizing it, and never even looked at the 360 stuff! He actually motioned to kick the PS3, I literally LOL! Get a life!