Warhawk brings the "PS3 Out of it's Coma-like State" But Not Sure About "Lair" says Yahoo

Yahoo's Matt Slagle writes :

"It's been a long year for PlayStation 3 owners with very little in the way of new, exclusive content. As good as they are, "MotorStorm" and "Resistance: Fall of Man" are wearing thin for me. Finally, two new PS3 exclusives are available: "Warhawk" and "Lair." Being an exclusive game doesn't guarantee greatness. Five minutes with "Lair" makes that painfully clear."

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TriggerHappy5064d ago

I had a blast with the Warhawk demo and plan on getting the full game soon but am yet to play Lair so I dont know..

btw, Resistance never gets old.

gamesR4fun5064d ago

LAIR is def worth the money has far has Im concerned sure its not Warcrack but its a lot of fun.
Speaking of Warhawk the game is unbelievably fun esp in a 30+ player match Zones is my fav and flying is a blast. Cant wait to see some more maps and stuff.

MannyHarlem1415064d ago

WarHeroin is the one of the best game i've played in years, argubably the best multiplayer exp. i've ever had.. deeper than gears of war (which I have a poster of in my dorm room lol).. LAIR gets bashed wayyyyyy too much.. since reviewers can't get the hang of the cotrols.. it's easy.. that game has AMAZING visuals and is the most technically impressive thing i've played on any platform because of it's scale and stuff.. the prod. values are incredible, the music in the game.. both it and lair support 7.1 sorround sound.. in large-scale battles that is aural nirvana! i have 1080p and lair is the only game that has yet to justify that purchase.. i don't even particularly like dragons but lair is an amazing title

solidt125064d ago

Liar is unlike any other game available and IF you don't want to bother learning new controls then you might not like it. I think that that is the case for alot of people who dislike the game but the game is GREAT. I am renting it from Gamefly right now but I am thinking about keeping it.

FirstknighT5064d ago

I dont know what you were reading Mercenary but he clearly says after the first 5 minutes its painfully bad.

mighty_douche5064d ago (Edited 5064d ago )

are you to soft to come up with your own conclusions? or do you take the word of yahoo games as gospel?

im not being a fanboy, maybe lair is sh1t, i dont know as i havent played it yet, but i will and ill judge it on MY OPINION of it not somebody elses, some of the best games and movies ive seen/played have recieved bad reviews, if i was mindless enough to take that as the be all and end all of it i would of missed out on some great things!
all im saying is that just because some guy says its crap thats HIS OPINION and people should try things for themselves. get it? why do you xbox fans have to try and relate people points of view to fanboy-ism...

FirstknighT5064d ago

How about just sticking with the article in hand. You sony boys always get defensive. The writer clearly says Lair sucks. Yet the title says "But Not sure about Lair?"

What part of the first half of that article did you not understand???

superdude5064d ago

i actually though lair was a good game, sure it had its flaws....maybe alot of them, but i liked it

TnS5064d ago

Who are you quoting? No such text in the news.

TriggerHappy5064d ago

Thats what He is implying TnS, and NO I did not make up that title, I actually came across during my news hunt and saved it for this ..:)

FirstknighT5063d ago

That is what he is implying??? HAHA Oh man, you are an idiot! :)

rowdy 15064d ago

It's an excellent game. It took me about 30min to get the full hang of the sixaxis battle system after that I was into it big time. You'll like the story and the graphics speaks for itself. I would like to see a sequel. In all my gaming experience I really don't know why this game was slammed so much, but it goes to show that you have to trust your own judgement when buying games, and in Lair's case it was worth it.

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The story is too old to be commented.