Sony Plays Nice, Renews Life of Servers for Warhawk and More Until January 2019

Back in September 2018 Sony broke the news that online servers for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Sounds & Shapes, Warhawk, and Twisted Metal would be going offline on October 25th. Sony has now given them an extended lease on life.

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TheColbertinator38d ago

Warhawk had a good run in the early PS3 days

jukins37d ago

It's still very active considering its age. The primary reason I had and will reactivate my psnow subscription

tucidic37d ago

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bouzebbal37d ago

I wish killzone was extended as well

HentaiElmo37d ago

Lol they can’t kill Warhawk the game have a setting for your PS3 to be a server for the game. The game they closed the servers was starhawk and that one you don’t have the option to make a server of your system

jukins37d ago

Unfortunately you have to login to their servers first before you can even set your ps3 as a server.

Dont know if anyone remembers but sony basically used a bunch of ps3s for warhawk servers. Which I always thought was neat and seemed to work well cant remeber playing a game as big and smooth with so much going on. Simple graphics but man is it an fun game

Majin-vegeta38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Guess I can now plat all stars😁

porkChop37d ago

A Warhawk remaster or remake would be nice, but we know Sony isn't going to bother.


I only diagree because please dont say that. We have had zero games like this so far. No MAG, SOCOM, TWISTED METAL etc...

TheSaint37d ago

I'd kill or die for a MAG 2 on PS4.

Babadook737d ago

Yup. Remaster or better yet. A remake.

FunAndGun37d ago

Please, for the love of all things gaming, make a Warhawk remaster. I logged on for Warhawk day last year, and promptly got destroyed by ground and air. Some hardcore players still playing today. Warhawk is my favorite MP game ever made, hands down!

Sevir37d ago

Honestly, Warhawk and the original Resistance was pure multiplayer bliss on PS3 in it's first few years on the market. If they did a ground up remake of Warhawk for PS4 I'd be so happy. In similar to how they did Wipeout Omega collection on PS4

Concertoine37d ago

I miss the simplicity of early 7th gen shooters.

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The story is too old to be commented.