With the Success of Multiversus, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Needs Another Chance

Ten years later and Sony's multiplayer brawler still feels underappreciated. But why is that?

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-Foxtrot161d ago

Only if they fix two things

1) The characters, the line up was f****** awful in places. There was no Cloud, Squall, Zidane, Sora, Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft (classic), Tomba, Croc, Gabe Logan, Snake, a variety of Resident Evil characters so on and on. It was a bit of a joke, let’s be honest.

2) Only allowing us to primarily knock out opponents by using Supers. It makes you go insane watching the Supers over and over and over. Just do a Smash Bros and give us a percentage or even a health bar.

MIDGETonSTILTS17160d ago

Try including Snake this time ;)

Lexreborn2160d ago

Love PASBR if they can do the same add ring our mechanics even as an alternate game mode. And have multiple seasons of characters definitely. I never understood the anti “smash like” arguments where people were so prefixed on “only Nintendo can do it” instead of embracing the ability for everyone to try.

It’s like having street fighter and being upset SNK fighters exist. It’s just stupid

JBryant0619160d ago

Sony should definitely give it another try especially since they have more characters now like Joel/Ellie, Delsin, Sir Galahad, Deacon, Aloy, Jin, Atoi/Iota, etc. Maybe even use characters who weren't in the first game for some reason like Gabe Logan or Dart.