New Warhawk update information September 12th

While monitoring the stats situation over the weekend Sony were largely pleased with the results. The vast majority of you were having proper stats registered on the server. That said, as of Monday, Sony are now seeing some players NOT getting their stats again. A smaller portion for sure, but there's still a problem.

Sony had meetings with the team here and in San Diego today to discuss the list of issues and data gathered thus far, just to keep the info flowing to the community, here's what we're investigating as hot items:

Stats issues and joining game problems.

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nasim6119d ago


the best MP game ever made


monkey6026119d ago

Now macsto thats not very nice language. ;)

GoLeafsGo6119d ago

Ugh, tell me about it.
My stats stopped recording from Monday, too.

macsto6119d ago

Poor sony, one of the only ps3 games that didnt bomb, but its plauged with problems. I tried to join a game for 20 mins last night only to be greated with Server Full. :O(

Frulond6119d ago

it sux... and I have to rearrange my character and stuff when they get back... I'm never going to rank up is this keeps going on......
well... i guess... nothing is worse than a$$holes killing teamates, not sure if they do it for fun, because they can't kill any on the other team or they are just retarded thinking they get points... well they do get negative points.

btw... i know this shouldnt be here but... why is it so damn hard to report a cheater in a PS3 game? I've been all over playstation.com and one link leads to another and another and another and still not able to report him >_< so... anyone has the link? please ^_^/

GoLeafsGo6119d ago

People are cheating?
Can you tell me what you see happening? I.e. what you're referring to as cheating?

ofx3606118d ago

Sorry i kill teamates because im going for something(ex.bonoculars)and someone driving swoops in and takes it. That just pisses me off.

Frulond6117d ago

well not in warhawk yet at least but I was playing motorstorm the other day and before race started this guy starts spinning hitting other cars. The race starts and he keeps spinning and making cars crash and explode. He kept doing that the whole race, never stopped spinning... so... should I call this cheating or glitching or what?

monkey6026119d ago

"That said, as of Monday, we are now seeing some players NOT getting their stats again.A smaller portion for sure,"
Ehh try everybody I know inside Europe and the odd American.
And as of monday! I dont know about the rest of you but I ranked up twice on day one and haven't since. Thats 2 weeks for me and some others.