Eight ways to get more from your PS3

PlayStation.com UK: Did you know your PlayStation 3 can do so much more than just play the hottest games? Find out everything you need to know to kick-start your PS3 experience.

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DoomeDx4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

Nothing new here.
Just basic stuff like: Watch movies! Use the Playstation Move! etc etc.

Ofcourse its from the official sony site, so it shouldnt be to advanced, because newcomers must understand it. but still. Not worth submitting to N4G.

(@ the disagrees, im not even trolling here)

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4654d ago ShowReplies(1)
hakis864654d ago

8. Get a helping hand


HappyGaming4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

I read Eight Days and thought this was about the game :(

@wesley-dw you don't have to be trolling for people to disagree with you...

Disagree means they don't agree with what you said.
Its doesn't mean they think your trolling.

Focker4204654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

They forgot...
1. internet browser
2. video chat with 5 friends
3. create youtube videos with the video editor
4. Qore

plus a couple of things i can't mention.

edit: oh and if you have windows media player on your pc, you can take all the movies, music, and photos on the pc and wirelessly transfer them onto your PS3 system, and vice versa.

Panzerkanzler4653d ago

Don't need a PS3 for that, just my girlfriend.

Welshy4653d ago


sigh... im not gonna disagree you but the whole "get a girlfriend", "my girlfriend can do that" nonsense is just annoying.

bare in mind its a gaming site, so if your on here at all, 9/10 of us WONT have one.

just sayin.

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OdinFallen4654d ago

Sounds about right, although I don't think pulse is yet worth it.

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yoshiro4655d ago

<<< my face when i read Eight Days.

Too bad I was wrong

DoomeDx4655d ago

Yeah, to bad they cancelled it..seriously wtf

Azianphil884654d ago

Eight Days not cancel
just on hold same goes to The Getaway

Balt 4654d ago

The video service of the PS3 is a joke. They failed to mention if you have more than 1 ps3's (like me) and you have video service enabled on one you can't watch movies with the id on the new system. Stupid!

LEt me not even get started on how Netflix destroyed their ap on Ps3 with that new janky ass layout they got. They took all the movies, suggested 75 of them to you and then take your money for it still. What a joke. Why have it one way, a way that works, a way that is good and offers up accessibility and user preference -- For the stupid ass **** they gave us; without warning mind you.

Koolno4654d ago

You are the joke if you don't know how to do it...

Best video service now, with all the new services (not only netflix and psn video anymore)

Cole_Train4654d ago

You could just download movies and stream them from a free service like Vuze to your PS3. That's what I do and it saves money, time, and very easy to use. Just drag and drop.

OllieBoy4654d ago

Who cares if is this "old"

It's the Holidays and a lot of new PS3 owners will be curious at what it's capable of.