The first PS3 screenshot of Crysis 2

Gamersmint writes : We have to say it looks pretty good, check it out here. Taken from Cryteks 3D papers, looks great for a console version with proper lighting. We will update on the AA soon.

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Karooo4431d ago

It looks great, crytek rocks


it looks ok,nothing special,i was seriously expecting more,i know its ONE screenshot,but then look at k3 screenshots they look amazing,even better in motion.

even resistance 3 looks better right now and thats not known for its graphical prowess but its gameplay.

hopefully seeing this game in motion ill change my mind but this one screenshot looks just ok


well said, the game doesn't even look that great

-Alpha4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

I have to agree with Phoenix. It's just one shot and it's OK. Looks great, but Crysis 1 on PC just seems to look better compared to Crysis 2 on consoles.

I just want to see the PC version because it's going to be clearly superior. I'm still unsure if the consoles brought down the PC version. Should have stayed exclusive to PC IMO. Crysis is known primarily for visuals like Killzone and I just feel that C2's visuals aren't as impressive from what I'm seeing. They just bore me. This still amazes me but I haven't seen anything like this shot in the C2 shots. Maybe it's the boring NYC cityscape. The jungles in Crysis 1 were drop dead gorgeous and incredibly photorealistic. A building in C2 doesn't look as impressive as some of the foliage in Crysis 1.

However, the game on PC is still the best looking title and considering the open sandbox approach and the amazing draw distances in some of the shots I'm pretty sure it will look fantastic-- but if it's being ported to consoles then I doubt it will look anywhere near as good.

Lord_Doggington4431d ago

all the elements that make the cryengine so special involve movement, particularly of light, particles, environment, etc. one screeny isn't gonna show anything that the engine excels in.

Persistantthug4431d ago

I mean, I haven't seen anything especially bad, but almost everytime I've seen Killzone 3, my jaw drops and I'm very impressed.

Crysis 2, it just looks like everything just another shooter.

That's been my impressions so far.

Winter47th4431d ago

They shoulda used Killzone3's engine.

-Alpha4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )


Crysis 1 still looks stunning on PC. C2 will look better, but I think this will only be a matter on PC.

I just don't like the shots I see. This particular PS3 shot is just average. But the game is a very big open-approach title and if C2 looks even half as good as C1 on PC then it will already be a gorgeous looking game. Just look at the Youtube videos and you will see how amazing the physics/graphics are. But with shots like this I can't help but feel passive. Again, it's a console shot and I suspect the console versions will lack vastly to what can be done on the PC.

I just don't like how the focus seems to be on the console versions. The PC version is where it is at and that is where the focus should be

Death24944431d ago

I if Crysis2 on ps3 is using MLAA? It's clearly visible in Killzone3. People think Crysis looks better because of it's FPS, which is awesomely locked in at 60fps. I don't how many people own a 120hz TV, but if you crank up Judder (not max), Killzone2 will blow your minds.

mrcash4431d ago

resistance looks hideous just like the prequels.

frostypants4431d ago

Agreed! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been thinking that Crysis looks better than what we've seen so far of Crysis 2, but as you say it may just be due to the setting. I think urban environments are probably just easier to pull off, thus lessening the visual impact.

RememberThe3574431d ago

Someone always has to be cynical. I think it looks great. Frankly, I was expecting much worse.

nycredude4431d ago

Looks a bit like Bionic Commando! I hope it looks better in motion cause that was decidedly just... ok.

Darkfocus4431d ago

you've also got to take into account that this is an open world game where killzone follows a linear path.

Koolno4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

"However, the game on PC is still the best looking title "

[email protected] xfanboyz always talking about crysis, and "pc better than console", ignoring the fact that most of the best graphics this gen are on ps3..

[email protected] revenge, delusional much ?

Ju4431d ago

Looks good, well, almost. Mediocre with all those MP games, if you will. But quite away from the PS3 exclusives. Not surprised, TBH.

nnotdead4431d ago

this one pic looks blurry, and shows average to low texturing. not very impressed, but like Lord_Dogg said, "all the elements that make the cryengine so special involve movement...", so i'll need to wait to see the game in motion before i can really comment.

again, the one screaming fanboy is writing the most fanboy worthy post.

DigitalAnalog4431d ago

"I if Crysis2 on ps3 is using MLAA?"

No, it isn't. Eurogamer confirmed they're using a defered AA style similar to that of Halo: Reach/SWTFUII.

-End of Line

Death24944431d ago

Well that kinda sucks. You're claiming to be maxing out the ps3 but you're not using MLAA. That weird because LBP2, Infamous2, Motorstorm: Apo, Killzone3, Socom4, and etc are all using MLAA. If they did, people with he 6000 series ATI cards would be able to utilize it on PC. So it looks like the consoles held back the PC version. When I say consoles, I mean only one, 360.

Dude_4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Death2494, a game looks good for multiple reasons. like the clever visual arts and level design. MLAA is very well suited for PS3, since it's being performed on the cpu. it also has it's downsides, like the ugly bluriness. Nobody is 'holding anything back', while 360 lacks in raw cpu power compared to ps3, it has a better gpu. It's not that simple, see. it in this case it's to be expected with a multiplatform game, since PC/360 and Sony's console are very different.

HolyOrangeCows4431d ago

So much for hitting the PS3's ceiling.

I guess they put in a new floor for Killzone 3 :)

Hopefully the screen tearing isn't as bad as what we've seen on the 360 footage. But I doubt it.
I'm probably still getting it on PS3.

evrfighter4431d ago

why would we want MLAA over AA?

it's already been confirmed that MLAA would only work well for lesser gaming pc's. that and it looks no different than 4xAA with blurry edges.

Kleptic4431d ago


I am not sure what you mean by 'ugly bluriness' for MLAA on the MLAA is calc based AA to nearly mimic MSAA, which is much more resource demanding...But the results have been unanimously described as the answer to the AA problem the PS3 used to have...

Its quincunx AA that uses full screen blur to smooth edges...which is where many people complain of the screen always being blurry...Killzone 2 used this, but actually did it better, all things considered...its usually horrible though in multiplatform games...

I'm just saying...the first game on PS3 to utilize MLAA from the very core of the engine was God of War III, and I believe Uncharted 2 used it also, but was a late engine switch that ND commented on struggling with...and there is NO 'ugly bluriness' whatsoever...its a great answer to the AA problem when the renderer is built around it...

Dude_4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

I mean it is a general natural downside of this post processing effect. Certainly superior though to the 'quincunx' that you mentioned.

GoW3 not being blurry means the graphical engine was well designed. Means their programmers work well together with their modelling team.

MLAA was used in the PS3 version of Saboteur, Uncharted2 and GoW3 as far as I remember. Yes though, their implementations likely varied. And it was performed on the central processor (although I do believe there were some recent implementaions using shaders for PC) , while MSAA is on the GPU. So what do you mean by MSAA being 'more resource demanding'?

Anarki4431d ago

The game does look great. Different game styles.

Killzone is very gritty and this is more colourful and vibrant. Each are great looking in their own environments.

ThanatosDMC4431d ago

Looks terrible. This is medium settings on Crysis 1 compared to my High settings. Anything above High will probably make my PC kill itself.

Sarcasm4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

That doesn't really look all that great. Oh well, hopefully the gameplay is actually good. I am enjoying Crysis Warhead and it blows the original Crysis away. Definitely getting the PC version.

TheLastGuardian4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

Well, lookx like I won't be buying Crysis 2.

ChronoJoe4430d ago

lol alpha.

What crysis needed wasn't to stay on PC and get better gameplay, no game should be better renowned for it's visuals, than how it plays. (not that it plays too badly, but it's nothing to write home about)

I think what's important that shit like the AIs improved.

Traveler4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

I think it looks pretty good, but I have a feeling it is just a poor screenshot. Wait until we see more.

Death24944430d ago

@ Dude,
GOW3 uses 4xMLAA which equals 16xMSAA.

Digital Foundry: "The PS3 rendition of Pandemic's The Saboteur is different though. It's special. It's trying something new that's never been seen before on console, or indeed PC, and its results are terrific. In a best-case scenario you get edge-smoothing that is beyond the effect of 16x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, effectively delivering an effect better than the capabilities of high-end GPUs without crippling performance. Compare and contrast with Xbox 360 hardware, which tops out at 4x MSAA."-
ATI cards are just now becoming compatible with MLAA.
Do your research bro before you start making claims. This is zero "Ugly blurriness" being caused by MLAA. This all depends on how much motion blur developers utilize in a sequence.

Kurt Russell4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

It might not be the prettiest game on the planet... But slap in some decent gameplay and I shall be getting mad on this game. Graphics are a nice commodity that nerds spend their time debating and jizzing over... They seem to frequently forget that Graphics have never made a game fun.

Dude_4430d ago


Read the comments before replying to them, 'bro'.

My point was about the MLAA having a natural con of blurring the image. I specifically mentioned that their implementations likely varied, and specifically stated that when the engine is optimized for it, and when they do put enough effort, the results are satisfying.

My original point was about devs using pros and cons of each console differently.

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norman294431d ago

That gun looks awfully chunky :| is this from the cubist version of the game or an option you can turn on?

Hellsvacancy4431d ago

It looks like crap, never been interested in this game, the video a while back with sum big mech thingy looked really cool though

Its gonna b a rental

MNicholas4431d ago

and Crysis 2 seems to perpetuate that trend.

This image is simply dull, flat, and lifeless due to inferior textures and lighting effects.

Compare to these in-game captures of Killzone 2:

RememberThe3574431d ago

It wont be able to hang with Killzone 3 on console, but it will still be a damn good looking game. I honestly am impressed, their new to the console game and I don;t expect them to reinvent the wheel their first time through. Plus GG has the luxury of being console exclusive and pushing their code to exploit one platform. As a multipltform engine it looks quite good to me.

ct034431d ago

I agree that this Crysis 2 shot is underwhelming. But when you come along and post these Killzone shots I'm just confused.

Look at the very first picture. Do you see how low-res the ground and wall textures are? Second picture: walls on the left. Blow this up to 1080p, and you've got a blur fest.

The third picture looks decent. But again, these are downscaled like crazy. Every image fills out only 1/12th of my screen.

norman294431d ago

@MNicholas just proved my point, look at the gun in those shots (and basically everything else) an compare it to the Cyrsis shot

Death24944431d ago

Crysis2 looks for a multiplatform title. But it's not going to be graphics king on consoles. Both Crytek and Guerilla Games are based out of Amsterdam. If you put GG on PC with unlimited hardware, I'm pretty sure they could make something that blows Crysis out of the water. I mean look at THQs Metro 2033.

Pjuice4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

you do realize crysis is by far the best looking huge open world sandbox game and that type of game takes more powerful hardware to run than games like killzone, call of duty which is why it doesn't look as good on console just the fact crytek got it looking this good on console is very impressive to me but ill still be getting the pc version i hate paying ms and sony money to control my gaming rig and network and never been of fan of fps on controller since i was 13 anyway and learned how to use a mouse and keyboard right.

ChronoJoe4430d ago

Bear in mind Crysis has something called drawdistance, and constant texture streaming, to concern itself with at the same time.

Whereas Killzone is pretty linear in that respect.

Pjuice4426d ago (Edited 4426d ago )

keep in mind that backround in killzone cannot be reached period its a texture your comparing two different types of games and crysis is by far the best of its kind and look up any huge open world sandbox game on pc and console and you can really see a difference where extra horse power is needed even on a bad port like gta4. you can cover things up in closed off games like killzone allot more.

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MarcusFenixITA4431d ago

I think I won't buy Crysis 2. I concentrate on Killzone 3.

Coffin874431d ago

Crysis 2 can only catch my attention if it supports splitscreen coop Campaign gameplay.
Like R3 and KZ3 did. I'm hyped for these games.

iamgoatman4431d ago


Campaign co-op in Crysis 2 would ruin the experience, particularly the stealth parts which made up a fair amount of the first game, it's just not the type of game co-op is suited to.

Coffin874431d ago

Then I guess it's not my type of game ...
You can of course disagree with my opinion, go ahead.

jimineyscrickets4431d ago

Lookin' good! I loved the first Crysis.

TheGameFoxJTV4431d ago

To tell the truth, PC version of Bad Coppany 2 looks > than that.

AEtherbane4431d ago

No matter what, it will play better on a PC. It's Crysis, it's a PC game that just happens to be on consoles this time.

CrazyRap4430d ago

The game does look great.

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Pedantic914431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Now if you would only release PS3 footage........

Sneak-Out4431d ago Show
4431d ago
Wizziokid4431d ago

very nice for a multi-platform game, I would like to see Crytek do a PS3 exclusive and see how far they can go

kinf-of-zon4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

I hope this helps, it's not game play but Cervat Yerli talking about the engine on the ps3 and he has some nice thing to say towards the end.
sorry wizziokid I put the wrong comment under you I meant this for pedramia91.

Eiffel4431d ago

They wouldn't go as far as Crysis on the PC, lol.

MariaHelFutura4431d ago

I don`t think that regards to his comment. It would be cool to see what they could do w/ the PS3.

ct034431d ago

"It would be cool to see what they could do w/ the PS3."

Crytek already said that they're pushing all versions as far as the hardware allows.

MariaHelFutura4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

I highly doubt that.

You think Crysis2 is pushing the PS3 as far as it can go? Ok....

Naughty Dog is pushing the PS3, Team Ico is pushing the PS3, Guerilla Games is pushing the PS3, Media Molecule is pushing the PS3. This is NOT.

Koolno4431d ago


Some high res texture don't make a game superior to gems like kZ, uncharted, etc

Ju4431d ago

"Crytek already said that they're pushing all versions as far as the hardware allows."

Yeah, they say that, but they certainly don't as seen here.

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karl4431d ago

not much.. they can do great graphics but not great optimization