DualShock and Move Players Will Square Off in Killzone 3

Movemodo: Sid Shuman, Sony's senior social media specialist, gave the word in the comments section of the latest post on PlayStation Blog.

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Matthew942863d ago

this will be interesting, well soon see who is better between controller vs move as i never heard anything about it in mag

TheOldOne2863d ago

Well I get raped when I use a Move controller in MAG. Will be interesting to see how it is in K3.

So does this mean that there will an auto aim feature in multiplayer with Move? Cos it exists in the campaign.

-Alpha2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

But Move users will get used to Move and then dominate. No different from a mouse, they are just simply superior in precision.

I don't like the sound of this. But at the same time separating players by Move would split the community up too much.

Hope they have Killzone 3/Move bundles.

xxxprettiboyxxx2863d ago

GL to move players

But that's just gonna be easy xp

Just like k&m>ds3 is superior to the move in pure speed and precision in a fast paced fps

@alpha it's no where near the same as getting used to a mouse and move players will never dominate ds3 players

BulletProofVess2863d ago

sry Alpha-Fail22

move players will never dominate ds3 players

sure there will be some who are better with the move than ds3

but this is the same thing as m$ no longer supporting pc and xbox play in competitive games due to the fact that console players were getting owned by keyboard and mouse

separating players would be the only way to give move players a fair chance

going against move players will be like playing against split screeners in SnD Blops

HolyOrangeCows2863d ago

"So does this mean that there will an auto aim feature in multiplayer with Move? Cos it exists in the campaign."

The auto-aim option in the campaign also exists for when you're using a dualshock; it has nothing to do with the Move.

Adjust the settings and play for awhile and you'll be pulling off Move headshots in no time.

TheLastGuardian2863d ago

This is awesome. I really hope the Move controller works just as good or even better than the DS3. I want to get alot of use out of my Move and navigation controllers.

Oner2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The accuracy & supportive speed of a key board & mouse is comparable to the PS Move more so than it is to a DS3. The DS3 (or ANY stick controller for that matter) is at a disadvantage plain and simple.

Anyone who has played any amount of CS (or FPS's on PC in general) competitively will agree. You can almost tell who has or hasn't played PC games around here...anyway an old saying that kinda fits perfectly here ~

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is final. You need to learn to be a hurry - Wyatt Earp"

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visualb2863d ago


I doubt they'll allow auto-aim. If anything its the 3rd option - no aim assist what so ever, and tus, move gamers will be raped =)

MsmackyM2863d ago

It's well and good that the players aren't split, but I would like to see Move players have an indication by their name so DS3 players would know who just pwned them.

frjoethesecond2863d ago

I get raped in mag with move but have never used ds3. I'm getting better though. I think move might be just as good with practice.

PinkFunk2862d ago

I do well in MAG with the Move. For me it's more like a mouse which has greater precision. However, I don't like that yellow cursor that i've seen in the KZ3 videos... I hope they give the option to stick with the default cursor (I mean crosshair)

MariaHelFutura2863d ago

I`ll start playing MP w/ the DS3, then change to the Move, go back to the DS3, then pick which one I like better and use that one.

Blaine2863d ago

Have you used Move before?

If not, I have 0 doubt you will like DS3 better right off the bat! To get used to the Move is probably going to take serious dedication and patience. In the end, though, I'm sure it can be better than dual analog once a player gets good with it.

ivant2863d ago

Just make sure you give the Move ample time to get use to and master it, before passing judgment.

Remember that you've been using stick controls for years so it is second nature.

MariaHelFutura2863d ago

I`ve possessed the Move since it`s release.

darkdoom30002863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I don't see why people are so anti-move.
It's the same situation with using a wheel for racing games. Or a stick for fighting games.

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Convas2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

DS3 Users = Superior
Move Users = Rape Victims

Plays out like that for my buddy Derrell EVERY time when he plays MAG with move. It's just not something I'd use in Competitive Multiplayer.

redDevil872863d ago

Move takes ages to get used to. I've played Time Crisis online with it.

But once you learn it you can beast. The turning speed and accuracy is something the DS3 can't keep up with.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

There are people playing better with PS Move than DS3 Controller in MAG. Not everyone, but there are definitely.

They have there own custom scheme.

You just don't the skills with PS Move, that's all.

Convas2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Wrong. I don't want to point a Wand or a Gun Peripheral at a screen. I play with a controller. That's how I've done it since the PS1 and until Sony banishes it's traditional Control scheme, I WILL not use anything else.

In my experience, I've played against VERY few good Move users. Most can't shoot straight. We'll see how that changes with that Gun add-on from Guerrilla and Zipper improves things.

darkdoom30002863d ago

I'm better with Move. although took me a while to get used to it.

Now im better than I was with the dualshock 3.

Oner2862d ago

Way to go and limit yourself from being a flexible and all around player Clizzz. May I ask if you have ever played PC FPS's competitively?

As I said above ~ The accuracy & supportive speed of a key board & mouse is comparable to the PS Move more so than it is to a DS3. The DS3 (or ANY stick controller for that matter) is at a disadvantage plain and simple.

What you are talking about are the people who YOU have run across. And that's down to an individuals skills NOT the capabilities of the hardware. It's no different to playing against inexperienced stick users. THEY suck. Not the hardware.

MsmackyM2863d ago

I have no problem putting down veteren DS3 players in MAG. I'll admit if you were baptized with the DS3 you'll have a hard time trying to play with the Move and won't have the patience to learn it.

kissmeimgreek2863d ago

I think it wouldve been smarter to separate them so its a more even playing field.

ivant2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

It's good that they keep them together.

Show those die hard DS3 gamers that motion controllers are the future.

btw...I didn't do the disagree

dkgshiz2863d ago

That would ruin it. It would break up the community to much.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

The Community in MAG is not broken, and is mixed with DS3 and PS Move Players.

Why will would be different with Killzone 3?

dkgshiz2863d ago

Thats what I'm saying. I'm replying to kissmeimgreek. I want them to be on the same servers.

2863d ago
Stationfan2863d ago

Ill be playing on the move, i find the experience more immersive on MAG. I've gone posititve many times.

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