DF: Xbox 360 vs. PlayStation 3: Round 28

The Digital Foundry blog at Eurogamer returns with round 28 of their PS3 vs. X360 technical game comparisons.

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Terror_B2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The Xbox 360 is without doubt, the best console this gen.

Thank you MS.

MAJ0R2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

in summary the PS3 and 360 are pretty much equal in this comparison I guess

darthv722862d ago

these are still going on? WOW. I gave up comparing them a long time ago. Maybe that was back when i got both.

I guess some will never be satisfied with 2 great consoles this gen. It is like highlander to them. "There can be only 1"

kancerkid2862d ago

Digital Foundry is fully satisfied with both consoles. They are tech freaks who look into how the consoles differ, though, because they are both based on different firmware/hardware, etc.

They are not trying to say which one is better (they pretty much agree that they are nearly identical, on a technical level, besides blu-ray) and compare and contrast how different developers meet hurdles in game development on both consoles.

No, they are not here to perpetuate a pathetic console war, but to explore the technical aspect of gaming. Anyone who cannot see that either can't read, or is a fanboy.

Brawler2862d ago


Totally agree I love reading Digital Foundrys comparisons. They have great information about the technologies being used in the games and how its implemented on both systems. Not like Lens Of Truth which is all about feeding the flame war.

StanLee2862d ago

@ Maj0r

Too bad the games they've chosen for the comparison are garbage and not worth a weekend rental.

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jessupj2862d ago

You've obviously never played a PS3 exclusive then.

darthv722862d ago

is playing just exclusives a requirement to being a gamer?

Good ps3 exclusives, yes...just as there are good 360 exclusives. Get over it.

Dragon_Hiko2862d ago

I wouldn't say playing exclusives is a requirement for anything. But since majority of the best games are exclusive on one console or another...everyone sort of does it lol. And yes there are a few good 360 exclusives...yup I agree.

Biggest2862d ago

Did darthv72 ignore the context? Oh yes he did! The response by jessupj was to Terror_B. No one said anything about gamers being gamers.

Ratchet5102862d ago

The ps3 exclusives use up a lot more power than the multiplatform games. They have no limits of power but the 360 has limits and that will be forza 4.

jessupj2862d ago

Of course not darth, I never said that. PS3 exclusives are just of a higher caliber than 360 exclusives in general. Of course that's an opinion, but most people would come to that conclusion if they really thought objectively about it

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madpuppy2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

shame that the the 360 beat the Yugo GV as the most unreliable consumer product of the century.

It's about as great as it is reliable.

I would have never though I would see the day that ANYONE would thank a company for screwing them over with a broken product. THat is like thanking a chef for adding excrement to the dish of food you just ate.

RIP_Weazel2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

"The Xbox 360 is without doubt, the best console this gen.

Thank you MS"

You should fucking blush saying that about any multinational profit based organisation.

edit: Excellent post Darthv72. Shame that stupidity seems to blind a lot of people to countless games potential or value - regardless of console.

Dragon_Hiko2862d ago

Yes because they have the best games right? Thats what your referring to when you say 360 is the best right? Regardless of everything thats ever been shown about ps3 being the more powerful console, when it comes down to's game quality that matters. And no...360 is simply not the best. It's good enough to still be alive, but not the best.

Edito2862d ago

Its funny to see a post like after all the 360 give us, no good exclusives (excep Halo and gears), RODD, controllers that use batteries, no free online, limited audio settings, fake motion controller, no future plans (im talking about the lack of games for 2011) what else what ohhh yeah by now you should know that lazy devs made ppl like you believe that 360 its the thing with loads of buggy multiplat titles thank god bioware exist to show those lazys (ninja Theory, etc) how the job is done...

olLANDSHARKlo2862d ago

Terror_B by looking at all your disagrees I have to agree, apparently not too many people are playing what they think is the superior system, weird people on here claim the PS3 is the best console but always on here all day long, they don't realize what their doing to the sales of the PS3 by doing this.

Azianphil882862d ago

Ohh thats nice Thanking a company for screwing the consumers with high percentage failure rates and taking them 5 years to release a more reliable one.

ironmonkey2861d ago

ps3 multiplats gimped because of 360 limititations.

ironmonkey2861d ago


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Arup022862d ago

Stop, please. I can't take more comparisons!

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Tilian2862d ago

Just insert Killzone, Uncharted, GOW, Heavy Rain etc. into this conversation to make these comparisons moot.

TANUKI2862d ago

Even just one of them, could be the decisive factor :D

Biggest2862d ago

Why do they compare useless games so often? If the point of a comparison is to see which is better, why eliminate the things that make either thing better?

If you take Wade, James, and Bosh from the Miami Heat they aren't much better than the New Jersey Nets. Is that how they should be compared?

Pootangpie2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

hey it's been about 5 years and 90% Multiplatformers still look better on the 360 I'm sorry try again

exclusives don't count because there exclusive and sony owns the rights which means there never see light on the 360/Wii let alone the PC

acky12862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Why do people go on about 60fps when even at 24fps games run smoothly. Obviously it's great to advance this technology but people throw these numbers about as though they are gospel.

BYE2862d ago

That's not true. When I play on PC there is a HUGE difference between 30fps and 80 fps.

Maybe some people are biologically not able to see the difference though, I don't know.

acky12862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The first vid was hardly unplayable and was running rather smooth wouldn't you say, even when it dipped to 24fps.

People are on here all the time slagging games off when they can't keep at least a steady 30fps, why? If these videos show anything its that the difference is negligible.

NotChrisHansen2862d ago

can't we all just get along ?

Masterchef20072862d ago

I wish but hey this is like a world war in the gamming world

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