New Crysis 2 trailer "Become fast, powerful and invisible, that is what Crysis 2 demonstrates massively in this very nice gameplay trailer."

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grailly4363d ago

I was not too exited for crysis 2 before this, now I am!

The "most off all, it gives me options", was kinda weird, though, if it was a movie trailer, it would be completely irrelevent, here it just felt out of place.

ilikestuff4363d ago

gotta disagree, that might be the best part, sounds like you can handle situations however you want. badass

grailly4363d ago

yeah, gameplay-wise it's awesome! but when you do a cinematic trailer like this one, with a narration that describes the atmosphere and story of the game, "it gives me options" feels off.

nix4363d ago

i know couple of things thats going to happen... media will hype this game to the hilt (n probably score better than KZ3) to keep the xbox ppl happy so that they feel like they got their 'own' FPS early next year.

himdeel4363d ago

...and it's nice to have these type of reminders for folks interested in C2.

SaberEdge4362d ago

In terms of gameplay this trailer got me really excited for this game. And the graphics put everything else to shame. Of course this was the PC version, though.

I just hope they were at least able to get rid of the screen tearing that was seen in the 360 version's multiplayer videos. I hate screen tearing and that is why I really appreciate PS3 exclusives like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 that have zero screen tearing.

As long as either the 360 or PS3 version doesn't have screen tearing I will be a happy camper. I really just need to invest in a decent gaming PC.

WhiteNoise4362d ago


The footage is the console version, the FOV gives it away.

That's the thing, everytime people see a good looking clip they think it's PC. Console gamers will get a big surprise when the best looking FPS on consoles is a multiplat ;)

stevenhiggster4362d ago

I can see where you're coming from grailly, kinda makes me think of a car commercial.

4362d ago
SaberEdge4362d ago


People like you don't make sense to me. I think any good game should be played despite silly hardware loyalties. I believe that developers should also be rewarded when they make something good and not only when they make a game for your preferred console.

Some of the games I am most looking forward to next year are multiplatform games: Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Batman Arkham City, Rage, Mass Effect 3.

4362d ago
Ducky4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

^ I care how you express yourself because it's attitudes like that that make developpers wonder why they're really bothering with the effort.

Crytek would go through all the trouble of programming and optimizing the game for the PS3 only to realize that the "loyalists" are more stuck up about whether it's an exclusive rather than actual quality.

So speak for yourself, and I'll speak for myself. PS3 loyalists (a ridiculous term as it is) don't need to go gaga over supporting exclusives. Reward developers for their work, not their hardware preference.

JohnnyBadfinger4362d ago

You realise that "irrelevant" and "out of place" mean the samething... so what your saying is it doesnt belong in a movie or videogame... so i have know idea what you are talking about

I wish all developers would stop showing all the epic moments in videogame trailers... because by the time you come around to playing it, you've already seen it... and once again like all games this year, they fail to keep ME entertained or even interested in the slightest.

Kurylo3d4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

@dead pixel...

What do you mean you take care of your own?
Do you own stock in sony? Do you think sony gives a damn about you ? lol in your own world thinking your part of some imaginary "team"... hate to tell you sony isnt on your team. Neither is microsoft. There about making money. I mean you really dont know how much of a loser you sound like talkn the way u do lol... "i wont buy a multiplay even if it looks better" rofl... then you sir are an idiot. lol Oh and who is this "we" your talkning about when you way "we take care of our own". Even sony fanboys have more sense then u. They know that its still a game they can buy on their console ... if its a hot game.. its a hot game.

kudakadere4362d ago

i thinks what he means is finding a way tomake the end come slower

el zorro4362d ago

All I know is that this game is very impressive graphically and pretty much wipes the floor with any console exclusive. Now let's just hope it is good. That trailer made it look promising though.

grailly4362d ago


sorry, english is not my preferred language, what I meant is that in a movie trailer (which would have realistic writing) saying "most off all, it gives me options" would be completely irrelevent, as it really isn't something you would say when you get a badass suit. At least, in a video game, even if it sounds off, you're able to relate it to the actual gameplay, so it still does make a bit of sense.

also, it's weird how you want to give me a lesson in english et go on and write "no", "know".

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ilikestuff4363d ago

i cant lie, that got me hyped, i wanna fuck some shit up now mothah fuckah!

Blinding_Solo4362d ago

Crysis 2 would be a good movie. I just got re hyped. Hopefully the game will be good looking on consoles. I can't afford a high end PC to get the full capability of this game.

MEsoJD4363d ago

Ok its back on my radar.

Mista T4363d ago

yep, I'm a bit excited for this. should be awesome to play on my computer

Death24944363d ago

Meh, i'll pick it up later on in the year. Killzone3 is sitting at the top of my list right now.

kramun4363d ago

Why are you here? This has nothing to do with KZ3.

UnSelf4363d ago

it is loosely related

two highly visceral FPS sequels coming out for the same system within a close amount of time in relation to each others release date

that sounds loosely related

Shepherd 2144363d ago

Yea but no one here cares about KZ3 right now, its Crysis 2's time to shine and its doing a damn good job.

eliasg4362d ago

among the best graphics (if not the best) i seen on Play 3.

Lord_Doggington4362d ago

too bad you're gonna lose a bubble for off-topic-ness

Death24944361d ago

I said I'll pick it up later on in the year. Meaning that I'd pick up Crysis2 later on in the year. How is that not relevant? The reason I will be picking this up later on in the year is because I'm getting Killzone3 first. You guys should really pay attention to the comment and not see only what you want to see.

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-Ikon-4363d ago

Wow all I seen was way to much hip firing and no looking down the sights.

Looks like multiplayer will be very noob

wlchrbandit4363d ago

They try to stay away from sighting up in trailers, blocks half the screen, hiding their sexy visuals.

WhiteNoise4362d ago


Console gamers tend to play like that ;)

Marquis_de_Sade4362d ago

Nothing wrong with hip firing, got myself a decent killzone 2 k/d ratio through almost exclusive hip firing.

frostypants4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

Looks like Halo with updated/darker graphics.

Frankly, it looks disappointing given the hype, and considering the original Crysis. Maybe it's the lack of vegetation? I dunno. It's got that Killzone world-of-grayness thing going.

EDIT: Nevermind. Watched it in HD instead of SD...yeah, that's impressive. I stand corrected.

TROLL EATER4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

Cry engine 3 woow!! interesting to c how codename: kingdoms will look aswell.

specialguest4363d ago

This game looks amazing, and definately contender for Best Graphics of the Year.

TABSF4362d ago

It will get Graphics of the year this is for sure

This year it should of been Metro 2033 on PC
Next year it should be Crysis 2 on PC

TABSF4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

Notice how

Graphics of the year usually goes to consoles

Tachyon_Nova4362d ago

@ Tabsf - yeah that's cos all the gaming websites cater to console gamers who would be like "WTF they aren't game play graphics, they're better than the CGI in my PS3/360 game" if you showed them Metro 2033 maxed out. Seriously the people (i use the term loosely) who think KZ3 is the best looking shooter ever regardless of platform would have a hard time coping with the knowledge that even an average PC game has better graphics.

Jaces4363d ago

Always wanted to play crysis after watching my friend play the first on his laptop.

Cannot wait.

N4g_null4362d ago

Ha they have the brink like slide in there sweet and that lighting is almost vue ray level impressive and all of the kickable throwable objects helps this not to be a cod with aliens.

I liked how he baited the ai and flanked. It looks like crytek listened and gave us the game play gamers wanted and an engine that Devs wanted. It looks this good on the ps3. Impresive. If you can find a halo or killzone even ut that looks like this then why are they not selling their engine?

Brink this and some more motion games like Zelda etc is going to make this a full year not mentioning the 3ds wow am I going to love long commutes on the train now.

TheBossMan4362d ago

Just Like You Imagined can hype anything. Worked for 300, worked for this.

Tachyon_Nova4362d ago

Nah I think the hype is being generated by teh awesome grafixs and teh awesome game plays.

Lord_Doggington4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

after rewatching the trailer and pausing it and rewatching it, it actually makes me appreciate what other devs have done to make a game's atmosphere important. This game seems to have sharp graphics and a lot of action on the screen, but there's something missing from the overall meshing of the atmosphere, as if there was just too much on the screen that didn't contribute to the whole experience. I hope they can pull it off, because in my opinion, less is more...

FinalSpartan4362d ago

this could be the best FPS next year :P

rareairtone4362d ago

wack voice acting

cool gameplay

xAlmostPro4362d ago

lookd good, however i personally wasnt a fan of the 1st and my current pc wont run this at great settings so i think i'll get it for ps3 :) although sadly not day 1, i have so many games i wanna get already.. i will get it though not missing out on this

8thnightvolley4362d ago

my hype is at critical mass

OhMyGandhi4362d ago

the "aliens" remind me too much of the covenant from halo, at least aesthetically, and from that trailer, they even do this angled forward march just like the covenant would do.

Game looks sweet though.
Don't understand why every medium feels obligated to have that NIN song in it though, it was good in 300's trailer, but after that, it starts to get old.

sort of like how Marilyn Manson's "sweet dreams" was in Gamer's trailer...It was cool in House On Haunted Hill and after that, like I said before, it gets old.

Graphics wise this game kicks ass, so when this game and Killzone 3 clash heads, It's going to be without a doubt the battle of the best looking game, and to be honest, I still can't tell who'll win.

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Andreas-Sword4363d ago

yes, the Trailer looks amazing.
day 1 buy!

specialguest4363d ago

You'll rip your d*** off!

CrzyFooL4363d ago

Who needs a d**k when you got the nanosuit 2.0!?

Tachyon_Nova4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

@ Crzyfool - yeah but imagine the chicks you could pick up with one of those bad boys!! (The suit)

RIP_Weazel4363d ago

Looked cool as.
Literally just popped onto my buy list.

fight4love4363d ago

not bad. i wonder how it'll look on ps3.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

Seeing as how the PS3 is the lead platform for consoles I say it'll look pretty good.

Sillyace924363d ago

um I don't think so, the PS3 is not the lead development for consoles. If so link?

because I'm pretty sure they developed the engine so the game can simultaneously developed on all three platforms at the same time.

unless you're trying to get ps3 fanboys to praise the game

LunaticBrandon4363d ago

"lead platform for consoles" AKA not the lead platform.

Sillyace924363d ago

explain to me how there can be lead development on consoles if the engine is capable of creating the game simultaneously for all platforms, please enlighten me.

8thnightvolley4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

i will, cryengine 3 can build the game simultaneously on all platforms without needed a port if u read about the tech behind the marketing of cryengine 3 that is basically it no ports all systems are taken to their extreme ... trait from the code.. which makes coding faster than porting. so no ps3 is not the lead platform... and even if there was it would be the PC. its a graphically heavy duty gaming and only the PC can give a PC high spec treatment for a PC. its CRYTEK remember?! not a sony first party or some half ass 3rd party dev team.

and hey guys... doesnt the sound track sound like 300? trailer.

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visualb4363d ago

I think thats on the PS3, at least thats what it says on the site..

Mista T4363d ago

it'll look exactly the same as the xbox version, except for a few minor differences. it's a multiplatform title, and catering to a specific console platform rarily happens

Jailbroken4363d ago

"i wonder how it'll look on ps3."

I'm sure it will look fine, but it will play horribly with that gimped PS3 controller. lol

midgard2274363d ago

yes, gimped, thats why the 360 controller sux for anything but shooters and sports, horrible for action games and fighting games. yes gimped.....moron, u was gimped when u were dropped on ur head as an infant

NeutralGamer4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

".....moron, u was gimped when u were dropped on ur head as an infant"

Oh my god did he insult you so much you couldnt ignore his comment?? XD

ON TOPIC: Me thinks its a great game

GhettoBlasStarr4363d ago

You will play BAD with the PS3 controller..

magicwalnuts4363d ago

It looks equally as, not so impressive, on both consoles. The PC is where it's really next gen.

xAlmostPro4362d ago

graphically it'll probably go(if crytek weren't over hyping things) PC>PS3>360 .. factually speaking

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Apotheosize4363d ago (Edited 4363d ago )

Oh I cant wait for this, its cool to see there was an area where hes inside, underground maybe? and not just outside on the streets

LunaticBrandon4363d ago

I was worried but even if this doesn't surpass the first it still looks great.