Warhawk Demo? Sony says it won't happen

With the recent rash of demos popping up on the PlayStation Network, we were shocked to not see a small demo available for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)'s Warhawk. Rather than speculate, GameDaily asked Sony whether the company might release the demo to gamers who are considering purchasing the product.

Don't expect a Warhawk demo but at only $39.99 as a full download over the PlayStation Network, GameDaily's Chris Buffa summed it up best as, "Sony delivers a superb online experience with Warhawk, a beautiful combat game full of breathtaking scenery and plenty of chaos."

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MK_Red4059d ago

Well, they have a point. A limited demo may not fully show the game's awesomeness as few of recent demos have done more damage to their games than help.

nasim4059d ago


just buy it and play it


ISay4059d ago

its not for every one if the game was 20 or 30 it would be a must buy i have it from gamefly for me its a no brainer i recommend if you dont have a mic buy it at retail then its a bargain.

Venom_Blood4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Why would they release a demo for a game that 90% of ps3 owners already have?
If I was them ill release an add on content not a demo, theres no need for such thing.

Is just like asking for a demo after a week of halo3 launch date.
it would make no sense at all.

barom4059d ago

try 2.5% :P

There was an article about warhawk having sold 100k. There are roughly 4 million PS3s sold. you do the math.

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Baba19064059d ago

i think its pretty impossible to show warhawk in its glory with a demo. but take word when i say its worth the buy. no need for a demo.

damnwrx4059d ago

W.H. is pretty awesome game, I must admit coz it got me hooked playing on-line. No need for a DEMMOO.

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The story is too old to be commented.