Tales of Xillia for PS3 Official Site Opens, Trailer Revealed

Namco Bandai has Opened the Official Site for Tales of Xillia, Opening it with a new trailer revealing it's Gameplay. Xillia will have two main characters, a first for the series. The male main character is Shuto Matis and The female main character is Mira Maxwell. It's Stated to Release for PS3 in 2011.

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VsAssassin4051d ago

I liked the trailer. I was about to post this story. Guess I need faster hands! :D

disturbing_flame4051d ago

Now if NAMCO can move its arse a localize games in occident, it would be cool.

Game-ur4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )


Look at it just look at it. Look at what a Tales game made for the PS3 looks like. XD

-Main character looks like the confidant type and not the clueless whiny or angsty kind we get in most JRPGs.

-battle system looks to improve with dynamic combo attacks.

Do any of the Japanese savy here know if it’s the same team that did Vespariea?

bakasora4051d ago

Inform me only when its coming to NA

I_find_it_funny4051d ago

who cares, not like Japanese folks are reading n4g, right?

Igneel4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Whiny main characters like most rpgs? Vesperia dint have a Whiny main characters. FFXIII dint havea whiny main character. RoF dint have a whiny main character. Eternal sonata dint have a whiny Main characters. Folklore dint have a Whiny Main character. I'm not too sure what games you're talking about exactly.

Redempteur4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )


First most tales of don't have whinny Main characters.
the only whinny main characters are senel ( legendia ) and luke ( abyss ).
(And luke had a fairly good reason to whine all the time )

Second The battle system seems like an improved mecanics of Tales of graces ( a trends that seems to work as they gave us faster and more technical Battle system ever since)

Both team destiny and team vesperia did this title .. this has been know for ages Out of the 2 they just had to choose a character designer ..that's all

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Xwow20084051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

i really like the art style for it and i hope the english version will come at 2011 :)

vanquisher4051d ago

If Namco don’t bring this over then I will get a PS3JB just for this, the tales of graces translators are looking into the PS3 version if they succeed I'm sure they will try do TOX

xXxSeTTriPxXx4051d ago

plz let this come to the states...still hoping for tales of graces f.

syrion4051d ago

tales of vesperia
tales of graces f
and now tales of xillia
when namco will bring and localize this 3 tales game ????
DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pokemone_Dawn64051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

they won't namco just wants you to buy games like pac man dragon ball and naruto and if you don't like them games then there saying to bad your not geting the tales series no matter how much you beg us after 5 months and we still dont have any infomation on tales of graces f just get the tales series out your head none of them will come..

Edit: oh a disagree how can i be wrong have you seen any tales game?no have you seen pac man and dragnon ball and naruto?yes you know im right disagreeing with me won't make namco bring tales over here just face the facts..

xskipperx824051d ago

Vesperia was localized. its called a 360

xskipperx824051d ago

how can you disagree with that? that makes no sense!

baker_boi4051d ago

Cause the PS3 version had all those extra goodies.

Why would a PS3 owner want the version with less content on the platform they may not own?

Redempteur4051d ago

The 360 of vesperia missed the alfried QUests, 2 characters and plenty of bosses and events . i cannot agree with a unfinished job.

GameOn4051d ago

Meh. Vesperia felt more complete than almost any other game out there. You say its missing a bit of coontent well I say the PS3 version is missing the english language.

I know what a non japanese talking tales fan should do. Even if it is just for 1 title.

Redempteur4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

Well i bought tales of destiny 2 ( PS2 ),
Tales of rebirth ( PS2 )
Tales of the world 1 &2 ( psp )
Tales of vesperia (PS3 )

and i enjoyed them all ..
( those are all in japanese version )

i'm pretty sure i'm a tales of fan.
PS: Yeah all of them are finished (+90%)

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Kurisu4051d ago

Maybe they'll release them all as a Collection on one Blu Ray :O

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clintos594051d ago

They need to bring this to the US man bandai taking ya sweet azz time, geez come on already.

xXxSeTTriPxXx4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

i feel betrayed, i'm a huge tales of fan (tales of the abyss being my favorite)i don't care if it's english subbed i'll still buy it.i've played vesperia on the 360 i just want graces f.

luke fon fabre:I don't even have a past to lose. But I've still decided that I'm "me". It doesn't matter what you think. Here I am. If that's the source of the strength you're talking about, then "I WON'T LOSE"!

ash:[swings his sword] Well said. I will make those words YOUR LAST, REPLICCCAAAAAAAAA!

damn i love that game.

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