No Wait for Mass Effect 3 on PS3

Electronic Arts has clarified to IGN saying Mass Effect 3 will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC next Holiday. The debut trailer from last night's Video Game Awards show did not mention specific platforms.

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MaxOpower2865d ago

Is this really a surprise? I thought it was given...

Acquiescence2865d ago

only thing for me to debate now is whether to get it for the PS3 or the 360.

Rumor2865d ago

Lol welcome to the dark side bioware

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SaberEdge2865d ago

I am going to get Mass Effect 2 for the PS3 in January and I will most likely get Mass Effect 3 for the PS3 as well.

I already played ME2 on the 360 and it was one of the best games I ever played, but I haven't played the DLC yet just because I have been busy with other games. This gives me just one more excuse to get the PS3 version with all the DLC content included.

mynd2865d ago

@saberedge- The DLC wouldnt cost you $60.
Unless of course you already sold the game.

ksense2865d ago

probably wants the new experience(maybe upgraded graphics) plus the interactive comic to change his decisions and stuff from the first instead of playing thru the game and everything on a disc instead of downloading etc....

Sarcasm2864d ago

lol a lot of trolls are going to be burned

Lightsaber2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

it will probably be a FPS with no story so ps3 fans dont over tax thier tiny little brains. They already ruin ME2 by making it a run and gun game instead of an rpgs for ps3 owners

AwesomeJizz2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

@mynd, Or maybe he didn't play it at all?

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captain-obvious2865d ago

im sad to see that ME3 is not getting as much hype as ME2 had when it was revealed
just because it went mltiplat

NYC_Gamer2865d ago

its really no solid details on the game yet

jack_burt0n2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

ME2 was out in Jan u cant expect people to be that hyped so soon, and its not like a gameplay reveal that always builds more hype.

But its good to see ME articles will be troll free.

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Half_Life_32865d ago

Best version was on PC

Thecraft19892865d ago

its always been multi plat so what you going on about ?

Immortal3212864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

@NYC they're no solid details on uncharted3 either.
@JACK uncharted2 came out in the fall and they're articles everywhere about the trailer.

Bull5hifT2864d ago

My worry is i hope they port it over as best quality as they can, and the extra addition are a welcome, i hope they dont go crazy with there Special Visual Upgrade, ... I wanted to buy dragon age to see if it ran great but when i read there'd be alot of micromanaging i have enough with other games right noe

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FACTUAL evidence2865d ago

EA knew they couldn't make money from 36o alone. Look at great exclusive like ME1, aan wake, ect. They never really sell a lot even with hardcore advertising. If ps3 isn't an option, then the game won't do so well.

No Way2865d ago

Erm.. Mass Effect sold very well, no?

hennessey862864d ago

how long before sony stops investing so heavily in exclusives because lets look at the facts....PS3 exclusives dont sell that well and i think the mass effect thing is a sign off things to come, im not saying well see uncharted on the 360 but that exclusives are going top be few and far between in a few years. companys have to make money and i garuntee gt5 will make losses even though its such an amazing. The only other thing i can see happening is an increase in the price of games in the next gen because so much will go into making them and they cant sell them for forty pounds or 60 dollars.

Koolno2864d ago

How delusional you are hennessey.

"PS3 exclusives dont sell that well"

lol. Well enough to have 10X more ps3 exclusives than 360, and only xbox/pc games are coming to ps3 now, since the console sold more than the other each years.

by the way, even if they wanted to extend the $$ becoming multis, lbp2 (user content), and other technical beasts like uncharted 3, killzone3, can't exist on xbox.

Nemo882864d ago

Actually Hennessey88.. two things:

1: To break even these days games have to sell a little over a million copies. Uncharted 2 sold 4million + last time I checked.
So no Sony will not stop investing as thats like saying Sony will stop investing in itself! Which would not make sense.
Dont think Sony games dont sell just because they are not sell 8million week 1. They tend to have long legs.
The exclusives is a good strategy for them especially this generation as if they relied on 3ed parties, theyd be screwed as 3rd parties are only now starting to bother to deliver an experience on par with 360.

The Exclusive titles add value and add to the brand. Its also Sony's way of expressing themselves. Thats why they will put out titles like Flower, which were never designed to be blockbusters. Exclusives keep them from being just some generic game box, and means they dont have to go into price wars to gain sales, which only lead to deminishing profits per sale.
It gives them a unique proposition which is what EVERY business wants.

2: Gran Turismo 5 alreeady paid for itself with the GT5 PROLOGUE sales (which were at something like 5million).
The game is already paid for and in profit. These GT5full release sales are just extra change in the bank :)

f7897902864d ago

Way to get your facts wrong factual evidence. ME1 sold very well and it was not an exclusive. It was on the pc also and I don't get why people never count it.

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avengers19782865d ago

As a playstation 3 owner I am very grateful for this. I imgaine that the 360 will probably get something in the way of exclusive dlc.

RockmanII72865d ago

Yea but this is EA, when is the last time EA gave anything exclusive to 360?

edhe2865d ago

360 will get more discs that's for sure ;)

hennessey862864d ago

how will it compare graphics wise to uc3, mass effect 2 even on the 360 is a stunning looking game. Or will it be another multi plat win for the 360 i cant wait. ill go with the one that has the best graphics because both will play equally well.

Koolno2864d ago

"how will it compare graphics wise to uc3"

it's a multiplatform game, if the port is not really better on ps3, then it can't compete with uncharted3 graphics.

"Or will it be another multi plat win for the 360 i cant wait"*

Lol, ridiculous.

99% of the game are exactly the same.

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Darrius Cole2865d ago

I think they have a bigger problem with Elder Scrolls V. I for one, would buy Elder Scrolls V over Mass Effect. I don't think I am the only one.

Oblivion was released in the first year of the 360's life and was one the titles that made it worthwhile to move up to the 360; in my opinion it was THE title that made a 360 worthwhile.

I believe Skyrim will have immese loyalty from 360 fans and will put a big dent in ME3's sales if they are released in the same month.

Tuxedo_Mask2865d ago (Edited 2865d ago )

Oblivion was released on the PS3 too and Skyrim is going to be multiplatform. If the games are good then both should do well in terms of sales no matter what system they're released on. Although some people might prefer one over the other I'm sure there will be a lot of people who will buy both.

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visualb2865d ago

nice, I will have all Mass Effects =D ME for PC, ME2 and ME3 for PS3

awesome =3 love this franchise

El_Colombiano2865d ago

It is a multiplatform game after all.

Bgibbs2865d ago

True, but Microsoft could have worked out a deal to delay the PS3 version like they have done in the past. But I'm glad to hear everyone gets it all at the same time.