Which PlayStation Move games are worth your cash?

CVG: "Sony's Wii-style motion controller, PlayStation Move is finally here. The first batch of games are all first-party Sony titles - with the exception of Namco Bandai's Time Crisis - but expect more publishers to embrace the technology in 2011.

Move's motion-sensing is really impressive, but few of these games use it to its full potential, at least; not consistently. We won't start seeing the really great Move games for a few months, but these are a good start."

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ForzaGT2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

for now not many but in the next few months:
killzone 3, socom 4 and hopefully Virtua tennis 4(move+3D) will make it a wothwhile investment

Washington-Capitals2870d ago

I still havent been able to purchase a camera or controller, its just to expensive and atm its more like, do i save my money and buy 2 games or get a move bundle... obviously for my needs i would take the games. If there is something good on boxing day i will definitely pick it up.

marinelife92870d ago

The Fight Light's out. I don't care what the reviewers say the game is fun especially online.

Stationfan2870d ago

I agree, i just wish it had a bigger community.

GenericUserName2870d ago

wait, there aren't any 3rd party Move only games?

eggbert2870d ago

The Fight: Lights out is actually pretty good. Wouldn't call it AAA, but I'd give it a 7-8.5. When you first start out, your character is going to be clunky though. You'll need to play a bit and upgrade your characters stats before he'll start following you 1:1.

I think that's the consensus with most people though since the user reviews for the game on Amazon/Metacritic/Gamerankings are all much higher than the Reviewer ratings.

TooTall192870d ago

I like The Fight also. The patch making your character see-through made the game even better.

badz1492870d ago

when reviewers play the game for an hour at most and give their verdict!

Bathyj2870d ago

Tumble definately deserves more love than its getting.

If you want an example of perfect 1:1 tracking, movement on every axis as well as rotation on every axis, tumble is it.

Not to mention its a blast with a friend and I'm usually not into these type of games.

snp2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Yeah, i just bought a starter pack. Wasn't completely sure i'd get enough use, but had local sale on for 50% so for that figured... why not. Nothing to lose at that price.

Tumble is definitely, at least on samples on starter disc, the one that stood out. Flawless execution.

Bizarre, really, some of the low scores it's got (esp IGN's 35% utter nonsense). I can understand the aesthetics not appealing to everyone (it's very clean, simple, no frills - though personally i like that), but to be getting such low scores when it's such a perfect implementation of exactly what it's trying to be... And when it's selling at a relatively cheap price, to (for full version). Again, not sure where the many of the critics heads are at on this one.

Bathyj2870d ago

I love thats clean, simple graphics style, especially on PSN or not full priced games.

And you got it right. Its not trying to be the next Halflife or next big thing in gaming. It just does what it set out to do and nails it perfectly. Flawless Execution.

And I have to admit, that womans voice.
"You've got a Gold medal."
Every time she says it I smile and think "shucks, arent you sweet".

jneul2869d ago

simple some people love to hate on motion controls no matter how good the controls or the game is / end rant

MisterAV2870d ago

Sorcerty will be, now I play only ping pong and gladiator with Sport Champion

Buffniceguy2870d ago

Mag,Resident Evil 5,Heavy Rain,Get Fit With Mel B etc etc there is alot.

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