720p Armored Core 4 images

From Software updated the official Armored Core 4 with these 12 720p images. Except for the rather strong aliasing, it certainly looks nice especially the lighting.

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Silverwolf5381d ago

I like the armored core series. I hope they bring it to the Xbox 360.

Schmitty075381d ago

From Software is the same developer, I guess they want to have something different on each console

hydrog5381d ago

IGN has comparison videos of AC4 for the ps3 and 360.. I'm betting they'll be out around the same time. PS3 just has more media since that's where the series originated. But obviouslly FROM is all about the 360.. ChromeHounds is a masterpiece!!

BIadestarX5381d ago

720p, it better be only for these images. If the game does not push a minimum of 1080p; than all the trash that Sony and their fan boys keep taking about is being for nothing. I want to see the PS3 doing stuff that the XBox 360 can't.

TheMART5381d ago

I thought Sony said the real HD period began with PS64? So why are all games in 720p?

Strange, so strange. Do I hear some lies again?

DJ5381d ago

but this game is changing my mind very quickly. And what's with you bladestar? "all the trash that Sony and their fan boys keep [talking] about"? Mostly it's just people like you complaining about Sony nonstop. Chill dude.

720p is fine for gaming. PS3 developers just have the 'option' of 1080p since Blu-ray movies output at that resolution.

To Silverwolf: Agetec has a separate team making an Armored Core 4 title for the 360. Completely separate games, so it's not truly multiplatform, which is great. It benefits us because each version will play to its respective consoles' strengths or weaknesses.

Tempo5381d ago

720p is fine alright but not when u dont have 4X MSAA can anyone say 'high def jaggies' mmm goes down good with warm milk. LMAO

TheMART5381d ago

It's strange. Fanboys have changed. First it was their major point against a 360. It 'only' does 720p in games.

Sony made it their major point. It would be True HD. 720p would be not.

And now all games are in 720p suddenly you are all turned off your believe? It really is strange. Come on. Yeah I think 720p is good enough because no one has a 1080p HDTV and about no one will have one the next 3 to 5 years. Furthermore, people that did switch already to HDTV 720p won't switch again in 5 to 7 years.

So gameproducers have the option? No they don't. If the first line of games don't use 1080p the console is probably not strong enough even at this moment in time, when the games don't ask too much of the console, lateron it won't be used for sure because the power has to be used for other things then 1080p.

It's just strange the 360 got bashed by any Sonyfan before on 720p and suddenly it became quiet. Even from Sony's side

DJ5381d ago

i barely noticed, heh. O well, it's a 360 problem too. Anti-aliasing is pretty time-consuming and intensive, so I don't think we'll see jaggies go away just yet. Even Project Gotham 3 has very heavy aliasing on its reflections (but not the rest of the scene, which is really clever). I was impressed that Bizzare Creations was able to blur the reflections enough so that you only notice the aliasing when your car is perfectly still. It's a really neat trick.

So far, this game and full auto 2 are the only PS3 titles I've seen with aliasing. Hopefully that gets fixed before launch since everyone else seems to be doing fine with MSAA.

TheMART5380d ago

Nope 360 doesn't have that problem, it has 4 x FSAA for free with the 10 MB embedded ultra fast ram. The first games didn't have Anti-Aliasing because they were produced without the final hardware devkits. Like PGR3.

360 games will have 4 x FSAA where PS3 won't have it because it would take to much from the system itself, where 360 can do it 'on the fly'

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