1Up: The Disappearance of Yu Suzuki: Part 1

1Up: Without Yu Suzuki, it's doubtful Sega would ever have gotten to where they are today, and yet, shortly after the release of Virtua Fighter 4, little has been heard from him. Glimpses of a touch-screen arcade game called Psy-Phi once wandered the Internet, along with a rumored Shenmue Online MMO that never surfaced. But besides the appearance of a minor arcade title called "Sega Race TV" that he directed, the once-prolific Suzuki has -- for the better part of half a decade -- simply disappeared.

It's true that despite how many accolades the franchise received, Sega was never able to recoup its massive investment in Shenmue, which undoubtedly contributed to Suzuki's subsequent struggles within the organization. But has the industry simply passed him by? That's what I wanted to find out.

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